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Re: Hit The Drum

Post by Foxesrule »

Sounds interesting... I want to have all three.. But natives it is for me.

Character Name: Soul (Sorry, I just can't think of anything...)
Age: As I fail at knowing the lifespan of horses, just middle-aged adult.
Breed: Mustang.
Appearance[Would prefer a picture]: Image
Authority: Just a mare.
Army, Native, Or Wild?: Native.
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Re: Hit The Drum

Post by Mook »

You were supposed to send your form to me in a PM Fox. Oh well. x) You're accepted, feel free to jump in whenever you wish!
And as for your horse's age, they live around 35-40 years at the most, so middle-aged would be....12? And I apologize for being gone so long, if it happens again, do continue. I'll post a reply later this week, when I can actually take the time to type one up. ]]
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