Tokyo Jungle.

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Re: Tokyo Jungle.

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Tsolo was not aware that his kin had fallen to a robot dog at previous times, nor that a potential rival had been dumb enough to attack a mammoth. He was taking Shibuya Shop District when he heard a snarl. He raised his head to see a hyena, and six more sat behind it. These were diffcult odds. But a young, stupid one ran forward and leapt at him. Jumping to the side, Tsolo watched the hyena fly through the air, and as soon as his feet hit the ground, Tsolo forced himself forward, grabbing the hyena by the neck and smashing into the ground. The rest of the hyenas charged in but the boss was sent out first by a good hit by Tsolo's tail. One hyena grabbed onto his tail and Tsolo swung around and the hyena flew into another one. One hyena jumped on his back and began trying to get a grip on his neck. Tsolo screeched and began jumping around while the hyenas tried to corral him, but the hyena on Tsolo's back lost its grip with its claws and fell to the ground, allowing one of Tsolo's foot claws to gut it. The two hyenas that had been forced into a tumbled mess leapt at him at once, using their combined weight to knock him down, while one of them began to tear at his stomach, doing some good damage before getting his claws into its face and tossing it, but not killing it. Another leapt at him without him knowing and grabbed onto his neck, tearing at it with all its might before jumping off. Tsolo was getting tired now and watched the hyenas. He'd been cornered between and wall and car, only one exit. Unless up counted...All five hyenas leapt at him at once but he jumped onto the car, leaving them in a pile. They all saw him standing above them on the car, while they were defenseless in a pile. They all barked and howled in fear as Tsolo jumped off the car into the defensless pile, enjoying the free kills. Tsolo feasted on the hyenas before limping on, determined to spread his genes. (I tried to make Tsolo as mortal as I could without him dying, I'll kill him off when he has kids.)
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Re: Tokyo Jungle.

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(Kallik wasn't 'dumb' she was just so desperate for food that she attacked it, but got killed. And in the last story mode, you find this out already :P)
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