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Re: Pacific Ocean RolePlay

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Camella missed going sunning. More than ten years ago, there was this one area that she had found with little debris and not terrible pollution, so that she could go near the surface and enjoy the sunlight and scare away small schools of small fish. Of course, she had never broken the surface, because even then, a small layer of muck coated the top of the ocean, and she dared not get any of the toxic looking-stuff on herself. As years passed, though, the water near the surface became cloudy, and more muck was dumped in, until anywhere with sunlight was dangerous to do anything more than pass through, or preferably, by. No one ate anything that passed through that poison. Nowadays, Camella spent her time in the deep. It was safer to eat food in the dark, but still she dodged sinking clumps of trash and gunk, and avoided skimming the oceanfloor coated with assorted gooey waste. Even though she hadn't had much time to get to know the sun, still, she missed it.

The great white shark moodily swam, inching through the water inch by inch relunctantly. She didn't want to do anything with reminiscence or reflection anymore. She always became sad, which made her grouchy. Camella spotted a small common fish and waited before it got closer before she lithely swam up to it and chomped it up. Mm. Easy meal. She felt better already.
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Re: Pacific Ocean RolePlay

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×Name: Amani
×Gender: Female
×Animal: Orca
×Family:{optional} Once had a mom, and a brother.
×History:{optional} Nothing really.
×Personality: Mean most of the time. Quick and can get angered easily.
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