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Username: NatureHeart

Name: Natalia

Nickname: Nat, Natalie

Age: 34 , Young Adult

Species: Akili

Gender: Female

Personality: She is a peaceful animal, like most of the Akili specie. She is gentle with others, and plays by the rules. She tries to stay away from fights, and not get tangled up in them. She does her best to never burden someone else with her problems. She is quiet and nice, and the only time she yelled at someone was a bee that stung her when she was just a 1 1/2.

History: Maybe later I will edit! :P

Appearance: The Akili specie has the top half of the head striped like a zebra, the bottom part of the head is solid brown. The ears brown with tips of black on the tops. The yes can vary but are mostly brown or blue, with the occasional green. The body has a brown coat over the back, with a white underbelly. The legs are brown, but fade into white and black stripes.The neck is sort of swirled between white and brown, and the stripes fade away near the bottom. The tail is long and white with a single tuft of hair at the end. They are 7 feet tall, from hoof to head, and a variable 6-8 feet wide. Natalia has the normal markings of an Akili, but each Akili is different. The stripes on the top of her head for a small heart. And she is 6' 8 feet tall, and 7 feet wide.

RP Example: Natalia pranced through the meadow. The sun was gleaming, turning the grass to gold. It tasted sweet in the sun's glory, and soon, she could eat no more. She trotted over to her old oak tree and lay down. The sweet smell of the surrounding pines and flowers filled her lungs with sensation, and the sound of birds singing and squirrels chattering soothed her mind. Her eyelids grew heavier, and heavier, until they collapsed. Sweet dreams!

Other: Yeah, uh. I thought this RP was new until just now! xP Sometimes all you need is a little bump to get things active again!
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