Chimpanzee Tribes RP

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Chimpanzee Tribes RP

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The human is extinct, so the chimps are smartest yet. You are one of the tribes. Control and survive.

How Tribes work:

If you start a tribe, be warned not every chimp may want to be in your tribe. One may kill you and take your place. So be careful, trust only the trusted.

1. Forum rules.
2. Healing herbs are rare- be sure not to encounter herbs every post.
3. A roleplayer is allowed to be a thief- one who robs other tribes.

Predator Guide

Chimps are wary of their surroundings; the predators have evolved, and new ones have appeared. This guide will help you avoid these fierce newcomers:

Dragon Cobra: Highly deadly. Can be recognized by the dragon eyes on their hoods.
Red Headed Falcon: A falcon the size of a gorilla, can be recognized by its red head.
Giant Monitor: The most dangerous creature. It is the size of a Tyrannosaurus.
Doom Fox: This is a mysterious animal. It is the rarest thing on Earth.


Name: Aurora
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Rank: Alpha Female
Description: Black fur, with blue eyes. Looking for a mate.
Personality: Will RP!
History: Bitten by a Doom Fox.
Other: None.
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Re: Chimpanzee Tribes RP

Post by Summerbreeze »

Name: Clover but friends call her Clove
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Rank: Beta
Description: Black fur, with green eyes. Also, looking for a mate.
Personality: She is a complex being. The rest I will RP out.
History: Her parents are members of another tribe.
Other: None.
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Re: Chimpanzee Tribes RP

Post by dinoman »

Name: Soro
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Rank: Normal Rank, but trying to become alpha.
Description: Fur has a brownish tint to it.
Personality: In RP
History: Has successfully raided a Giant Monitor nest.
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Re: Chimpanzee Tribes RP

Post by Hope »

I guess I'll play if it's active. I'm going to my aunt's so I'll make a form later!
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Re: Chimpanzee Tribes RP

Post by pandasrockaa »

Name: Abigail (Abi)
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Rank: Normal Rank
Description: Black fur with Green eyes
Personality: Kind and caring and would make a wonderful mother she is kind of shy but once you get to know her better she can be very playful
History: Mother and father killed by a giant monitor so she cared for herself
Other: Looking for a mate
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