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Re: Horses Of Charcoal Stable 2

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2013 8:23 pm
by mistyfang

Horse name:Chickadee (Chick)
Horse age:4 and a half
Horse Gender:Mare
Pony or Horse:Horse
Species of horse/pony: Mustang Quarter horse mix
Picture/Appearance: ... ew/524863/
Personality: Chick is quite shy and skittish around children, and has a tendency to rear and buck.
History?(Born in stables or moved here things like that): Chick was born in the wild and brought to the stable after a terrible storm.

Trainer?(If not then are you a horse for random people who come to ride) Still being broken-in
Trainers Name: -
Trainers Gender: -

Crush: Not yet
Partner: Not yet
Siblings: None
Parents: Father died in a storm, Mother is still in the wild.
Offspring: None