Dragon Tale

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Dragon Tale

Post by shadow-wolf »

ok so it popped into my head " why dont i do this????" so, i did lol this is a role play about dragon demons... they are imprisiond by evil scientists and they NEED to escape to get to their demons, their owners, their masters, so, here is how to start:

by the way, you are aloud these powers:
. desaster
.mind reader
You are only aloud to have 3, no cheating!
ok? so thats how you introduce yourself, now remember, your Dragons.

now, im going to do myself to start you off:

Name: Dark Scar
Gender: Male
History: is strong, fast and stealthy.
Siblings: Unknown
Parents: Unknown
Powers: Darkness, shape-shifter and invisibility
Children: none
Age: teenager
picture/description: black with hints of red, red eyes with a red scar on his left eye, strong mucly structer, huge wings and, is a giant in size.

i hope this helped, ill start with dark whom is out hunting late at night. oh yeah by the way i dont care how long your posts are:

I know they are around here somewhere! he suddenly saw the herd of elk and dive bombed them silently, all you could hear was the silent whip of his tail and he was gone, a secound later he was in the air with an elk in his taloned claws. He smiled wickedly as he flew back to his den down the great voulcano, dodged past many piles of rocks and pools of lava, he finally got to the prey cliff - where he leaves all food/live prey - he dropped the live prey on to the rocky cliff. the elk buckled under its own weight and called out to its herd in fright, scar couldnt stand the noise much more as he lay on his warm rock settled above the boiling lava, he flew towards the elk and killed it THAT'S better! and flew back to his rock, that night, he slept in peace, without his beloved brother... :D :D :D
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Re: Dragon Tale

Post by mistyfang »

Name: Eau Nishasa ( means Water Devil, eau for short)
Gender: Female
History: Eau is brave and sly, when she flys her wings bat silently
Siblings: 3 sisters, but she doesn't know who.Yet.
Parents: Cabiyo (cab-e-yo) is her father, Shaka is her mother
Powers: Water
Children: None yet
Age: young adult
picture/description: http://benwootten.deviantart.com/art/Bl ... -118573148

P.S If ya'll want to be one of Eau's sisters PM me. xD

Eau swished her tail, determined to make the water swirl around her. "OK, this better work!" She stood on her hind legs and murmured something and the water started to rise slowly, she closed her eyes and chanted again. The water started to swirl around her she opened one eye, and wicked smile crossed her face, "Finally" she said giggling. (LOL)
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