Dinosaur Escape (Realistic!)

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Re: Dinosaur Escape (Realistic!)

Post by 8jgb »

"WeShe walkll I'll be off now, maybe there is something to eat around here..." She walked off and sniffed the air, she couldn't smell anything in her enclosure. But she did smell a small feathered creature.
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Re: Dinosaur Escape (Realistic!)

Post by SilentEcho »

Name: Chiko
Gender: Female
Age: 39
Species: Apatosaurus (Brachiosaurus)
Parents (species):Mother was an Apatosaurus and father was an Ultrasaurus
Siblings (species):None
Pen:912, a very big pen with one other sauropod.
History: Created in the zoo, but not being shown.
Were you born in the 'zoo' or cloned: "born"
Personality: Very oblivious to everything -_-
Mates/eggs/children (age/species/name):
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Re: Dinosaur Escape (Realistic!)

Post by Hope »

(Not many people play this but your accepted. I wont be accepting anymore, let alone roleplay on this topic anymore. Someone could take over for me... I dont care.)
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Re: Dinosaur Escape (Realistic!)

Post by shadow-wolf »

(hi! its me but i couldnt remember my old acount so i made this one...countinue as im the other shadow wolf just me!)

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Re: Dinosaur Escape (Realistic!)

Post by WildLife »

Age:34 years
Species: Velicaraptor
Mix?: Nope.
Parents (species): Velicaraptor
Siblings (species):Velicaraptor
Pen:Raptors pen.
History: Nothing intresting.. That Kallik can remember anyways.
Were you born in the 'zoo' or cloned: Zoo.
Personality: Acting like any other Raptor
Other: Nope
Mates/eggs/children (age/species/name): None.
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Re: Dinosaur Escape (Realistic!)

Post by Animefreak212 »

Name: Tsume
Age:3 years, 4 mouth
Species:Deinonychus (its a type of raptor)
Parents (species):mother and father was a Deinonychus
Siblings (species):none
Pen:they are going to put me in the pen with the other rapters
History: was born in the zoo
Were you born in the 'zoo' or cloned:born
Personality:i'll rp
Mates/eggs/children (age/species/name):none
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