Raging war (Rodent roleplay.)

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Re: Raging war (Rodent roleplay.)

Post by NatureHeart »

Misty tried to stop the little gerbil from running from her by trying to explain everything in exactly 2 seconds. It didn't really work. "Tiger, stop! You don't understand!" It was to late. The young rodent had already made her way out of the burrow. Misty, wanting the word to not spread, followed her out in record timing. One problem. The rat couldn't see her anywhere! "Tiger!" she would frequently call out. Her worries grew over the top. She was in charge of watching her, and now, she was going down.
After about a minute, she stood in the center of camp. She sat on her haunches with her tail curled around her body. "Tiger, please come out! You don't understand! I'm not a murderer! I-I..." the rat couldn't finish her sentence. She let out a deep sigh, filled with pain and sorrow. A tear rolled down her cheek as her voice crept into a whisper.
"Yes I am."
She was sure the diseased had been waiting for those words ever since she was just a young trouble-maker. The past was the past. It may still haunt you, but you must let it go- something Misty had never done. Now, it had hit her in the heart almost hard enough to kill her, but history was cruel. It left her there to suffer, and to slowly kill her on the inside. What she had done to her own.

(If you want to know her history, PM me. ;) )
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Re: Raging war (Rodent roleplay.)

Post by WildLife »

Tiger ran quickly through the forests deep, depressing, whispers. All she heard was Come to me... And I won't hurt you.. before ending with a psychopaths laugh, getting louder, louder... Simply louder... Before she scented the blood on the ground before her. She stared Down and simply sighed. "Mother told me life was a flower, waiting for me to bloom.. But she lied.." An image flashed in her mind, if a mangled body of her sister. Her sister was lying face down in the dirt, a puddle of red surrounding her. The whispers hissed, "I got you now! with a blood curdling scream cut in. She ran away quickly, squealing "Help me! Help me out of this nightmare!"

(For full experience, please go to youtube and type in, 'Lavender town theme pokemon R/B/Y Piano cover' As it inspired me to write what I did write. You can kinda tell tigers slowly going crazy.. And overreacting.)
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Re: Raging war (Rodent roleplay.)

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