Life on the streets.

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Re: Life on the streets.

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Mook wrote:(Waiting for my character to be accepted..)
Barniver was auto-accepted.
Foxesrule wrote:Stray cats, dogs, rats, foxes and pigeons are auto-accepted. Any other animal must be accepted by me first.
Just thought I'd let you know.)
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Re: Life on the streets.

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Felder yanwed. She remembered it so clearly, only hearing "Bye Feld zu schlechte Mutter ließ uns nicht halten Sie all the little girl and her have been through, now being nothing more than a mere memory. "Hallo es." growled Felder at a street rat, and squished it with her paw. It didn't die, of course, but it was enough to get it to squeal. The rat scurried away, but Felder caught up to it and bit it, throwing it in the air, and killing it when it landed. She picked up her meal and headed too the park, and at the park she ate all of the rat she could. After the very disgusting meal, she curled up under a furlesses porch and fell asleep, hoping to dream the night away. Upon waking up, she saw a furless with a big metal predator, aiming right at her. She heard the metal predator make a loud 'BOOM!' noise, and she was struck with pain, and fell down. The furless shot her several more times, and she lay there, whining. She looked up the furless, and mumbled, "Auf Wiedersehen.." Meaning 'Goodbye' in german.

Nami ran away, leaving Zurui to die. She heard a loud yip of pain, meaning the rat.. has won. She was struck with pain when she heard the yip, as Zurui was with her, by her side, for years, and now.. she let a rat kill him. She felt guilt run through her, and walked across the road. She saw a very bright light in the distance, and stared at it in confusion, thinking 'What is that thing?' and it struck her in pain, the light vanishing and her being thrown across the road. Her face was scratched, paw broken, and was bleeding heavily. She lay down on her side, waiting slowly, very slowly, for the pain to go away.. and her to be roaming on the streets.. no more.

(I'm ending my roleplay thingy. Nami died, Zurui died, And felder died :( I made it kinda sad :/ Death by car, death by gun, and death by Rat. :/)
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