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Angry Birds RP

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For a long time I wanted to do this, Angry Birds is my favorite game on the iOs and it is very fun to play. As Angry Birds players know, you use a slingshot to hurl birds into structures with pigs in or out of it. The objective is to destroy all the pigs to beat the levels. Recently, Angry Birds Toons has been released, and this Roleplay is based on it. The birds and pigs talk. You can be a bird or a pig.


Red(Red Bird)- The leader of the Angry Birds and is like a drill sergeant. He loves to beat up pigs and use the slingshot. And of course, he has to watch the eggs like every other bird.

Chuck(Yellow Bird)- The speedy one and the attention grabber of the birds. Thinks he is strong and always gets in trouble.

Bomb(Black Bird)- The strongest of the group. He is named after what he does when he gets very angry.

Matilda(White Bird): The peace loving bird of the group. When her peace is disturbed or when the eggs are stolen by the pigs, that's when she gets angry!

The Blues(Blue Birds)- These three are very mischievous and love playing pranks. They are fun loving, but do get angry.

Terrence(Big Brother Bird)- Red's older brother, barely moves or speaks, even though he is seen in random spots.

Al(Green Bird): The clumsy and easily humiliated bird that goes backwards when missing a structure. Loves to dance.

Bubbles(Orange Bird)- Bubbles may be small, but can make a big surprise! Loves candy and pranks. Is very greedy.

Stella(Pink Bird)- Young and pretty, Stella uses the fanciest makeups to make herself beautiful.

King Pig- The king of the pigs. Is very greedy like Bubbles.

Pigs: These guys are the number one bird's enemies. They always try to steal the eggs with different plans.

No acceptions required when filling a pig character form. For the canons, you'll have to be accepted.

Plans for the capturing of the eggs:

I will be taking Bubbles, Bomb, King Pig and Red.

Red: Alpha Ridley
Bomb: Alpha Ridley
Matilda: WolfPawPrints
The Blues:
Bubbles: Alpha Ridley
King Pig: Alpha Ridley
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Re: Angry Birds RP

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Age:Young adult
Description:A white bird with a bit of black.
Advantages:Can lay eggs that explode.
Disadvantages:She is wasting eggs sometimes, because she cannot tell what eggs are what.
Plans for the capturing of the eggs: She does not steal, and she always says "I'm not a pig, young bird." if its her friends.
Other: Nope
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Re: Angry Birds RP

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Keep in mind that the form is for pigs only. But you can have Matilda.
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