Pokemon High School

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Pokemon High School

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Dear fellow pokemon,

I see you are new to the school, or you just came here last year. Anyways, prepare to face the challenges this year, as your life depends on education. Other challenges include bullies, boyfriends or girlfriends, detention, punishments and more. I will assign your teachers at the theater first day.

Sincerely, Principal Amphi.

Rules are the same.


Name: Sandra
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Pokemon Species: Bayleef
Description: She's Pokemon High's newest student, and doesn't want to date any boys. She's still more pretty than Hanna, a Delcatty.
Personality: Will RP.
Other: Do not anger her, Or your dead.

No acceptions needed.
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Re: Pokemon High School

Post by WildLife »

Age: 15
Gender: Female
Pokemon Species: Shiny Umbreon
Description:She is well, just an umbreon. But she has blue rings, instead of yellow.
Personality: A very agressive nature, if attacked, she might and WILL kill you. She is EVEN stronger than Sandra. And because of this, she does get detention many many times.
Other: Smart at times, but if in love, clumsy.
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