Raising Cattle as a Condor or Hawk

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Raising Cattle as a Condor or Hawk

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So there's something rather interesting I discovered when messing around in WebEarth today.

With how hard it is for predators (especially fresh-meat eaters like hawks) to survive, I've had to get a little creative with how I play my game.

I've yet to try this tactic as a Hawk but I plan to soon.


(apologies for the link, images aren't working for some reason)

Basically, as a condor, I needed a way to easily train my combat skill. I got the bright idea to grab some geckos and take them to this area on the cliffs where them and I would both be safe from ground-dwelling predators, and where they wouldn't be able to run away. Basically any place on the mountains or cliff is unmovable for any animal except birds and goats. This means a bird, or a goat, could grab an animal and place it on a tile surrounded entirely by unmovable tiles, which completely traps the animal.

I'm not sure if it matters, but I noticed if you trap a male and a female together, it keeps their advanced stats full. Either that, or completely not moving keeps their stats from going down.

So I kept them here, and hit them until they were almost dead, then left them to heal. Using this I was able to get my combat skill high in very little time. They will also eat any food you leave there. It won't disappear, possibly due to larger animals grabbing larger portions and geckos eating very small portions, but having the food there will prevent the "cattle" from getting hungry or thirsty.

Basically, you could keep live cattle here in one place for easy access whenever you need fresh meat. You might even go as far as storing up as many as possible over a season, to make raising your children a little bit easier when prey is scarce in the winter. The cattle will stay alive and well as long as you feed it and as long as you chase off any encroaching hawks and condors.

This is also an ideal living area for a hawk. Any animal can nest in the back of the condor caves, which is great for a hawk, whose nest would otherwise fall out of a tree.

Not only is it good for food and combat practice, but you can also get your Socialization bar up on the prey animals, which saves you the trouble of having to chase your potential mates around to gain socialization.

Let me know if any of you have tried this before. I'm sure I'm not the first one to think of it.
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