Dominance? and mate left suddenly?

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Dominance? and mate left suddenly?

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So Earlier today I was playing as a Male bluebird and I got this idea that I wanted to try and up until now I didn't realize that other people had done this before. That idea was "What if I nest in two or three trees in the same area and mate with more than one female and have several babies, that would be cool and I could get more points" Something like that. So I built two nests in two trees very close to each other. Mated with two females, led them both to the separate nests I had built. Well for some reason after mating with the second female, the first left and laid her eggs on the ground. I had left to get food and when I came back she was gone.

I found her not far from the nest. Which was when she laid her eggs on the ground. At first I thought it was because I had two mates. But after doing some searching, I found lots of people multi-mate and have no issues so that can't be the issue. So my question is, what could have caused the first mate to leave? :?: the 2nd stayed by the way. Now I'm trying to attempt again this time maybe with just one mate.

But now the problem is my Dominance, which I don't understand because just yesterday I successfully mated and raised the babies and now it is saying the mate rejected you because your dominance is to low. Later during the game I died by accident. So I came back and I'm still having the same issue with dominance. Right now my dominance is 17/17 so can somebody please explain how exactly dominance for bluebirds work? :?: Because I don't understand it at all. I know it says "To mate males must rank higher than:25 (percent of males)" But I still don't understand exactly.

Thank you so much for reading all of this I know it was reaallyyy long. If someone could answer those two questions that would be Fantastic and much appreciated. Thanks! :D
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Re: Dominance? and mate left suddenly?

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A 17/17 rank is last. You want to be ranked higher than 17 which is last place.

Read these help guides on mating, challenging, and dominance.

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