Pack of the dead?

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Pack of the dead?

Post by AkitaHaru »

So I started playing as a coyote and got through the first year fine, however after raising my 5 pups to adults and + 2 other older pack members I had I had a bit of a issue. I did pack call to kill prey and none of them moved so i was like ok ill just got scavenge Being the alpha male of my own pack not a huge deal after all pups where done for the year all good. So I set out to find food came back the pack still had not moved, went to my den came back outside they where all dead starvation i assume but yeah any ideas here :/ i lost all my pups my mate and my older male I used to help guard the den :| Image
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Re: Pack of the dead?

Post by Alexander »

As far as I know, coyote and wolf packs are kind of glitchy at certain times. I'm assuming by your story that your mate was carrying your offspring and died with them or something? It was kind of hard to go over exactly what happened to the pups. If anything, the rule is to never call for your pack to gather when the mother is pregnant. As far as I can tell, she is only really programmed to go into the den and wait for pups right after you mate with her. After that there is no indication for her to go back into the den, so that is why you never call for your pack members until after the pups arrive.
For the coyote pack, after they kill a prey, they all seem to sit there for about a minute or two. If I remember correctly it also may happen even if they don't catch prey in the end. There is a glitch mixed in with that where if you tell them to attack that prey again they will sit there and do nothing, or most of them won't move and some will go after it. It's all kind of confusing.
I think I have heard of a case where coyotes/wolves were hitting each other and sometimes killed one another. They may have died of starvation or just lack of water. After you call them and tell them to kill something multiple times, it will take the coyotes a while to get back to eating and drinking water for themselves to live. Basically, you are the top priority and in this game they will die for you just to hear what you want to tell them.
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