New Bot?

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New Bot?

Post by NatureHeart »

Okay, so just about a minute ago I found this new.. "Player."
Her user name was Majestic-12. Sounded okay, I guess. It actually has a nice ring to it! Majestic-12.... Anyway, after a couple seconds I realized her name was pink and had [BOT] at the end. I have NEVER in all my time on WEO have EVER seen this bot. Is it new? Is it rare? Does it come whenever I'm not on?? xP
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Re: New Bot?

Post by Foxesrule »

Hmm, I've seen this bot too. I'm guessing some guest is coming on with a strange search engine.
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Re: New Bot?

Post by MidnightRose »

I see this bot like every time I log in ;p

I've been seeing it for maybe a lil over a month I think, too. Probably just for some search engine.
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Re: New Bot?

Post by Alexander »

I've seen a lot of crazy named bots. They're all friendly though. Like the Google Bot.
I'd post a few I know if I remembered.
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