AVS mismatch

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AVS mismatch

Post by Tilther »

Hello. A few days ago was my friend's birthday so I was trying to buy him the Advanced game. But it's been a few hours now and I still can't seem to! Any time I submit my order it says that there was an AVS mismatch because my address wasn't correct. Trust me, I tried typing it in in so many ways - in English, in my native language; where it said State/Province/Region I entered them all, one at once, none of the combinations did ever work.
I checked my address on my paypal account and it is, indeed, correct.
I am out of ideas. Might it be that I am outside the United States? I live in Italy; on my paypal account my information are typed in the Italian laguage.
Thanks for any help.
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Re: AVS mismatch

Post by Foxesrule »

It can't be that you're out of the US, because I have always lived in England, yet I am able to purchase Advanced game. Although Americans use the same language.

That's as much help as I can give, sorry. WEO will probably need to answer this one.
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Re: AVS mismatch

Post by webearthonline »

Non US banks do this sometimes.

Another way people have done this is to use Pay Pal.

See the donate button at the bottom of the store.
Make the donation for the correct amount and request that it go to a specific account for advanced game.
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