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How to Report on the Forums

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Hello everyone! Every once in a while we come across a post that isn't following the rules, or you may get a PM that is rude or SPAM. Here is how to report both posts on the forum and through PM's properly.

On the forums you may come across a post that you don't believe follows the rules, is a duplicate, is in the wrong location, or another reason. It is highly recommend that you report the topic, so a Moderator may come to fix it. Instead of PMing a Moderator and filling their inbox with tons upon tons of PMs, please use the report feature. The report feature is the little "!" in the corner, as shown in the picture:


Once you click on that little icon (for both reporting a post and/or a PM), you will come up with this:


Here are what each one is for:
1. This is if you find a post that is inappropriate, as in talks about inappropriate things, gives an inappropriate link without a warning, or talks about anything illegal.
2. The post is advertising a game, website, product, ect.
3. The post contains plagiarism (taking someone else's work and saying it's their own) or art theft (taking art and saying it was their own). Please include a link to where the original art/written piece was found in the "Further Information" box.
4. This post or PM contains harassment, cyber-bullying, or something offensive.
5. The post is in the wrong forum (fairly self-explanatory).
6. The post or PM does not fit within the other reasons specified, or you are unsure of what one it would be labelled as.
7. This is the "Further Information" box. You can put the reason you're reporting the topic, any helpful links, ect. here for a Moderator to review.
8. You may check "yes" or "no" on the "Notify Me" part. If checked yes, you will get an e-mail when the report has been dealt with, and by whom. If selected no, you will not be notified at all if and when the report has been dealt with.

Private Messages~
Private messages are something that no one but you can see (hence the name private messages). That also means that they can not be moderated. However, you can always report any PM's you find offensive, rude, ect. through the report tool (the little "!" in the corner of the PM).
With every PM report, depending on the situation, you and the other player involved may be contacted by a Moderator so that they can get the entire story. Please note: If you had a "fight" through PM with someone, it is best to not reply and report the PM immediately, with your side of the story in the "further information" box.

Please know that abusing the report tool feature can result in a warning and/or possible ban. If you have a question, comment, ect. please contact a Moderator. It is highly recommend to report something if you feel it goes against the forum rules, so a moderator can get to it quickly and efficiently. It is much more efficient then posting "oh this is in the wrong spot", "this is against the rules", ect. as that counts as backseat moderating.
Thanks for keeping the forums safe!
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