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Audio Book launched along with an Amazon ebook sale

Posted: Fri Nov 18, 2022 9:26 am
by webearthonline
Web Earth the audiobook has just been released. It is now available on Spotify, where it will go on sale for half price starting Thanksgiving day through Christmas Eve.

Web Earth is offering a complimentary copy of the Web Earth Audio book, made available for a limited time on youtube for Web Earth Online members.
Web Earth is the first book to be released in the Web Earth triology.
"In this ancient world the forces of nature are ever present. The energies of the web of life bubble just beneath the surface of awareness. A new struggle begins, and nature reaches out to the world of men to form an alliance against a common foe."

"I hope readers enjoy this book as much as I did writing it." - Alan Godsy, Founder of WEO.

Visit the link below to start listening to the free Web Earth audio book limited time offering on youtube. ... x8m7AukP1i


"It is very very good!" - Jonathan Slevin - Former acting publisher Washington Times.

"A thoughtful and well written book which addresses contemporary issues affecting us all in an entertaining format. Twists and turns in a fictional narrative of life in a world which comes to life with accounts of supernatural powers, monsters, tragedy, and magic. It will keep you turning pages for the next adventure! Recommended for all who enjoy diversion from the grind of daily life with well thought out messages to stimulate all of us to think. Memorable characters that will stay with and talk to you long after finishing the book. Highly recommended." - Jim K.

"Web Earth is an engaging story with a myriad of characters that don't fall into the typical fantasy tropes. After reading this book, I am looking forward to exploring more about the characters and the world they live in. Although not personified, the animals of the story are as much characters as the primary protagonists. I found myself feeling genuine care and emotion when reading the chapters that shifted focus to these animals, which would typically be an author's afterthought. This care for the typical and often overlooked elements of nature reflect the author's deep care for the environment and all those that live in it." - Mary F.

Web Earth is now available as an ebook, a printed book and an audiobook.
The ebook is now on sale on Amazon for 99 cents. New book launches rely on reviews.
If you like the audiobook, please consider purchasing the Amazon ebook for 99 cents and leaving a review (the kindle ebook can be viewed on most devices using the Kindle app).