A Long Hiatus

This is where new and old members may come introduce themselves. You may also make a topic if you are permanently leaving WEO to say goodbye to your friends.

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A Long Hiatus

Post by DestinationX »


I just wanted to drop by and give a friendly shout out. I hope everyone has been doing welI over the years. I know this game is basically dead nowadays, but I think at least some of you still swing by from time to time to check things out. I was just curious to figure out if anyone would remember me at all. I actually used to play this game all the time back in 2010. My username for both the forums and the in-game feature was "tiger." I was that annoying kid that spammed a lot. (If that perhaps rings a bell?) Heck, I even ended up becoming the sheriff at least once that year. Ohh, how time flies by? Truth be told, I do miss playing this game with the ol' Web Earth Online community. Maybe one day we can all reunite and play together again, eh? I know that sounds unlikely; however, I refuse to lose hope! Anyways, I'll pass through periodically to survey the poop deck.

Formerly known as "tiger", from 2010.
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Re: A Long Hiatus

Post by MidnightRose »

Wow this is an extremely late reply, but tiger sounds so familiar! Can't remember entirely (bad memory lol), but I hope you're doing well regardless.
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Re: A Long Hiatus

Post by Kenya »

Hey tiger, nice to see you back! So glad to see some older members still around.
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