Guide To Being A King Snake

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Guide To Being A King Snake

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I've been really inactive these past few months, but I thought I'd quickly pop back to write a guide for king snakes. I've organised everything so that it's simple and easy-to-understand, especially if someone just needs to check something and doesn't have to look through chunks of writing.
I'd be grateful if someone corrected me on my spelling and grammar.

- • - • -

Introduction: More info on the King Snake

Points needed: 14000
Mating season: Late spring, late summer
Nest ingredients: Not required
Preferred den: Small hole (but since they can climb trees you could go in a tree hole)
For every male offspring raised you score: 100 points + bonus for good condition
For every female offspring raised you score: 300 points + bonus for good condition
To mate: Must be clean, healthy, males should have a higher rank, females can be any rank

NPC Child [[Recommended for new players]]

To be a NPC's child, you need to go to My Account – Edit player game options – Always start playing as an infant animal
The only season as far as I know that allows you to play as a NPC child is Spring.

-Getting combat is much easier
-Food is provided for you
-Food provided is always fresh
-You get cleaned once in a while, therefore have less chances of getting sick
-The nest is more or less... decent
-More points

-You are rarely fed, if at all
-You don't get any minerals
-With a nest full of siblings, you have to fight for your food
-Alright, the nest can get quite dirty
-Longer wait till adulthood

When you're having competition with your siblings, just remember that it isn't illegal to be a little violent (as long as they're NPC) from the day you're born, you can start filling up your combat bar challenging, picking up or even giving them a swipe or two. Just select them and these are the actions that'll help your training:
Challenge: Purple icon with the two rams, can only challenge those of the same species and same gender
Take (AKA picking up): The white hand icon
Fight (AKA hitting): Red icon with the two rams.

Challenging, taking and fighting will cost you energy, which costs you food, which costs you fat. So be careful. You get one combat point for every two challenges, takes and hits.

Anytime you need minerals, food or water, you can exit the den at anytime to get what you need. Just stay well away from predators, and you're free to return to your home as long as you dont log out.

Lone Child

To be a long child, you need to go to My Account – Edit player game options – Make sure 'Always start playing as an infant animal' is UNCHECKED
You may start playing in any. Recommended one is spring, but though there's more food in summer, you can overheat easily.

-All the food in the world is open to you
-Endless amounts of water
-Lots of minerals
-Plenty of chance to gain combat
-For players who want more of a challenge
-Shorter wait to adulthood

-You get really dirty
-There isn't a lot of fresh food (go to the 'food' section to see a handy tip)
-More of a pain to get combat points


Remember, you are the hunter as well as the hunted. Best you first know who's safe and who's not!

Bluebirds & Cardinals: Prey, but are hard to catch. Sneak up on them while they're feeding and you might get a lucky hit. Since king snakes can climb trees you can eat their offspring
Mice, Rabbits & Geckos: A more popular choice of food, can be fast and speedy, easiest to catch in late spring, summer and autumn
Rattle Snakes & Fire Ants: Prey; they are poisonous, but king snakes are immune to poison and so prey on them
King Snakes: Best you don't hunt your own kind...
Hawks, Condors, Foxes, Bobcats, Coyotes & Grey Wolves: Predators, must be avoided
Elk, Buffalo & Mountain Goats: Not predator, but they will fight back if you hurt them, and they usually win
Bear: Most of the time they leave you alone, but don't take chances

Handy tip: The pick-up-and-drop method allows you to eat rotting carcasses. Simply pick up any old rotting carcass, then drop it. You'll notice that you've only picked up a small piece of meat. The age clock on the meat will have resetted and you're free to eat. Though handy for those without a lot of combat, it can be time consuming.


Since you are a king snake, your primary weapon is your extremely flexible body. You constrict your prey (squeezing the breath out of them and crushing their bones) once you select your chosen prey, quickly scroll down and you'll see an icon that looks like a dark red spring. Click it. If you missed, your prey will either run or fight back (rattle snakes fight back if not in poor condition) otherwise you would've taken your prey. Do not drop it. Depending on the prey's combat, it will turn into a small corpse in a few seconds up to a couple of minutes. You may carry this carcass around until you wish to eat it.

You can only eat carcasses up to 4 points old (select the magnifying glass to see how old they are)


To find a mate, you must have the egg icon on your profile. Find a king snake of the opposite gender and start to socialise with them. Here are the possible ways of socialising:
Playing: just click on the icon that says 'play'
Dancing: click on the icon that says 'dance'
Showing affection: Click on the icon with two white dogs (whatever they are)

After your social bar is full, you'll want to make sure you're clean and healthy. Simply click the heart icon and a message will come up, telling you if it was sucessful, and if not, what you require. Then lead your mate to a suitable den. They will go into a stage where they will be 'frozen' until the offspring are born. When they are born, you must first clean them, for their iconw ill be flashing red. You can name them what ever you like as long as it's appropriate (click on them then scroll down till you see the pen icon)

Your Duty
-Bring food to offspring
-Clean offspring
-Clean nest
-Protect offspring

Red Age

The red age is when your age clock has done a complete 360º turn. Then it will start again, except that this time it's going to turn red. Here are the effects of red age:
-Slower speed
-Constant sickness
-More vunerable to predators and attacks
-Possibly more points

To prevent early death, you need to get rid of the sickness. Go to a lake or a pool in the mountains and start washing until you wash away the disease. Create a store of food and minerals to keep you going. Keep your mineral bar full, and make sure all other advanced needs are seen to regularly.

By doing this, you won't live forever, but see how far you can get on the highscore list.

- • - • -

Here we come to the end of this guide. Comments are appreciated, and so are minor corrections. Have fun and good luck with being a king snake.
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Re: Guide To Being A King Snake

Post by Pretzel »

Cool guide! Could you make one on rattle snakes? :)
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