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Re: Kim's Animal Guides: Bluebirds of the Forest

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:15 pm
by sparkwolf111
kimiko70714 wrote:(300 for each female + bonus for condition) If one of my mates dies, then I feed that female's brood as well as the brood in my nest.[/size]

Hope I helped...
im afraid you have it mixed up. mothers get that much for each chick, wethear its male or female, i used to think the same thing until i was a male elk and get WAY less points than i think i deserved. in the case of bluebirds and other birds i think they should get equal points, they dont do any more than the males. and when i was a male elk, all the females did was walk around and eat, i mean really, they dont even care for the child, it just follows them. while you have to clean the poor baby all by yourself :/