Gecko guide! By ultra turtle. Work in progress

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Gecko guide! By ultra turtle. Work in progress

Post by Ultraturtle »

I noticed that there wasnt a gecko guide yet so i decided to make one.

1. Starting life as a gecko
2. Surviving to adult hood
3. Survival
4. Mating season
5. Taking care of kids!
7. DANGER (pretty much everything XD)
8. Surviving to the end
9. Tips


Being a gecko is pretty challenging, considering practically everything will try to eat you. The only things that will not attack you (Unless you raid their dens during their mating seasons XD): Other geckos, Mice, and rabbits, Elk (Dont attack their young) Buffalo (Same as the elk) Goats (Same as the elk). Now lets begin this guide :D

Starting life as a gecko
You got 3 choices to do when you decide to start as a gecko. 1. Starting alone: If you start alone, you dont have to wait forever to grow, but you dont get alot of points, combat skills, and your out in the open when you start.
2. Npc child: You can choose to start as a infant, and be the child of a npc. You can challenge your siblings, then kill them to get more food for yourself and to get more from your parents. They will also protect you. But you got to wait forever to grow up. You could just leave a bit early, but i would wait if i were you. 3. Player child: This might be a bit rarer, but its pretty good. You will get a smarter parent(s), hopefully able to protect you. But you may not be able to kill your siblings (They may want the bonus XD). They may get themselves killed, but come back as a differient animal or the same one.

Surviving to adult hood
This is if your alone. I recommend hiding until you grow, by digging a den or going into one. Also snakes commonly come into your holes, so i would be on the look out for them. You can either run past them or hit them (They may attack back.) I think rattlesnakes are more of a threat, since they can poison and kill you. And i also recommend not leaving the den unless: You really really need food, water, etc. Theres a snake and it wont leave. Fire ants (Very rarely should you leave, they dont even do much to you XD unless you hate them). If your lucky enough to make it to adult hood, then you can start leaving but not alot.

Once you get to adult, you must survive until spring/summer. To do this just eat bugs (You can eat meat, but it must be new) and avoid going near predators (Atleast stay two spaces away from them). Like I said before, Pretty much any animal will try to eat you. You could do mostly the same thing as you did when you were younger, and hide out until then, unless its a long wait, then sometimes come out for food. I would store up some food too. In winter, you can hibernate. Its very boring, but it saves the time going out and eating. Snakes will hibernate too, so dont worry about them. I would recommend hibernating if you dont want the annoying body heat things and going out to eat. You can have friends protect you too. Like a friend that is a snake. They could fight the other snakes off. Or maybe even just a big group of geckos :D. Sooner or later, you will make it to the mating season. Then comes the most hard part of your gecko life.

Mating season

When its mating season, You may first think : OH NO I DIDNT MAKE A NEST! Thats just a pointless thought. Cause geckos dont NEED nests :D I would recommend at this time getting a friend to mate with. But if you cant find anyone you can get a npc
Males: You have to get a good domninance ranking to get a mate. Plus you must be healthy and clean. Get your social up then mate with a female and bring them to your home. Then they just sit there and do nothing until they have kids. (Dont bother bringing them food, They dont eat it either XD)
Females: A bit easier. You dont need domninace. Get clean and healthy and mate with a male. Bring them to your home. They dont do anything justl ike the females when they are brought to the males homes. You should stay around until the kids are born. I recommend collecting food before mating season, so you dont have to wait.
Yes snakes will still raid nests most likely. But not alot since they have the same mating seasons as you do.

Taking care of kids!

Now this is the hardest part. Doing what the npc parents were faced to do. Having kids will require you to go outside and hunt alot! You got to make sure all the kids get enough food for that bonus! You and your mate will have a risk of being killed. Snakes will invade the den, while your getting food you could be killed. Even just starving to death because you never got to feed yourself (unlikely because if you get bugs youd eat some too XD). If your mate died (and they are a npc) you will have to take care of them yourself. It may sound hard, but you can do it! You are required to go outside alot more than usual to feed them. Near the end of the season, they will grow up, and you will get points. Congratulations!


So far i only know that geckos eat these:


Fresh meat.

(Ill add more later. Comment more things they eat. Also im not sure if they eat berries or not. I saw a gecko with one for some reason.)


Most animals around you are wanting to eat you. Hiding saves you from the big ones. But theres still snakes. To protect yourself you can:
Form a huge gecko group

Get another snake or something to protect you.

Get a flying animal to move you to a cliff nest (Only birds can get there! and only two will eat you.)

Thats all i know of. comment more ideas!

Surviving to the end
If your lucky, you will live to the point where your animal begins to die. Dont worry. You can start again. Be happy that you survived to that point. You cant stop it, one way or another you will die . But youve done a good job taking care of young and defending yourself! Now you can repeat the process again!


Go on world 1. You will not be attacked as much (Its more easy)

Live more in small holes. Only snakes can attack you from there.

Have some friends be a gecko with you or something to protect you. It will help you survive.

Dont go out of the den alot like i said before. Animals want to eat you out there. Stay away from them.

Thats all for now! Still a work in progress!
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Re: Gecko guide! By ultra turtle. Work in progress

Post by hoopyscoop »

That’s a good guide! Makes me wanna be a gecko!
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Re: Gecko guide! By ultra turtle. Work in progress

Post by NatureHeart »

This is so good! I know my next animal! ;) I haven't been a gecko since last year! Woo, long distance from here. Anyway, great! I will make sure to use this guide for my gecko next time I'm on the game! :D
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Re: Gecko guide! By ultra turtle. Work in progress

Post by Pretzel »

Cool! Every time I'm a gecko I die as a baby. I learned to hide almost my entire life XD
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