Survival Tip for Rabbits

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Rabbit guide

Post by Scarikas »

-I was COMPLETELY inspired by Dakota to do this :wink: Thank you Dakota!

Er.. whatever you call baby rabbits-Hood

Being a baby rabbit is HARD, HAAARRD work. You must not let your guard down for a split second, For any animal will try to eat you, You will have to find empty routes where not a single animal lurks [Beisde Mice-Corrected by Darkmoon, Correct me if I spelled 'Lurks' wrong.. >3>]In these routes, you must make sure there is food at the end of it, because a pointless route is a complete waste of time.

Even when a baby, You must build dens, This will help keep you safe. If a snake comes into your den when you are a baby, You MUST flee, try to hop beside it when it tries to enter your square and leave the den idmediatly and run, But make sure you take a empty route, Or a hawk might attack you.

Don't bother searching for just the right spot to DIG, Build your den where you are. Otherwise keeping your mind on dens the whole time you hop your way to your chosen location will probrably end in death, You must keep your guard up at all times. Even if your a baby, Building a den is easy but takes patience, you will not pay attention to anything but your surroundings, Even a hawk or animal of prey [Even a bear] that is 7 squares away is dangerous. to dig, Click the Terrain icon and press dig. Probrably on the first time dirt will come up, If this happens, Try again. Eventually a hole will appear, That is your den, Head on in.

Nests are hard considering its a long way to the bottum of your hole, Despite the long hop, It is very safe to be deep down in your hole at all times, Rabbits will need Straw and Hair, Hair can be gotten from dead animals, Such as dead Rabbits or mouses. You will probrably come across hair at some time, People all around are hunting mouses and rabbits like you! After you find some, Pick it up and bring it to your den, Go to the deepest part and click advanced view to show player commands, then press "Add to nest" or "Drop into/add to nest. Can't remember what the name of the button was, It is the icon of the purple dot being dropped into a nest with eggs in it. Press that and a nest should appear, Once you have a nest you will have parasites, Make sure to shake your nest to get them out.

You will also need Straw for your nest, Straw is found by using take on Tall grass or just being found near tall grass. Once you have taken it into your carry slot do the same thing as I explained with hair.

(When you grow) You might be ancious to build your nest, But it is good to wait until late spring or late summer. You can either build it right before you get a mate or right after. Either way works.

Having young is a hard time, You must either go and eat tall grass, seeds, straw, whatever, Or just wait for your mate to bring you some and eat lots, You must lick minerals and whatnot. Keep your advanced view stats up, The egg icon will appear witch means you have milk, Then go over to your youngs square and they will automatically start drinking, You will probrably never have full milk, And if you do, It must've meant you had waited for it. Your rabbits will probrably be a quarter from dying by now. So I suggest 'breastfeeding' when you get the first drop.
Like Dakota said, some young are slower so you must bring it to a different square in order for it to drink peacefuly without having to fight with its siblings.

If you are a male, You will need to frequently bring your mate food, And count on her to feed the babies until they can eat solids.

Also like Dakota said, When the line in your youngs age clock reaches the middle, [the white line] It means they are ready for solids, You must go out and get seeds, straw, or Fruit. Or any other vegetarian-related things that Rabbits can eat. Go into your den and drop it into your baby rabbits square, Your mate will help you with this so dont worry :wink:

When your young grow up, It is a wonderful time, it releives you from the stress of caring for young and gives you points, For each young raised succesfuly rabbits will get 300 points. Bonus for good condition, Witch means they are clean, Well fed, Slept well, And have a good supply of mineral licking.

That's all I got! xD I hope this helps, If you have any suggestions for what I should write down PLEASE say, I was completely inspired by Dakotas topic, Rate and comment on hers before you rate and comment this. Thank you for reading! I worked on this for.. Er.. About an hour, And remember.. KEEP THAT GUARD UP HIGH!
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Survival Tip for Rabbits

Post by Alias »

I just worked out two ways that might make staying alive as a rabbit easier ;]

One: Find a herd. Best if its a buffalo herd. I thought because nobody hunts the buffalo predators wouldnt come too close, and because they eat the same things as rabbits, you will always find some food around. Even so, better not to let down your guard.

Two: Migrate. Every predator eats rabbit meat. You are hunted down every moment of your life, so its best not to stay in one place. The food may soon run out, or it could be for temperature reasons. During most of the time, stay South. If you get hot, go to the lake, and if it gets cold, go to the desert. There is a small supply of food, but plenty of grass if you know where to find them. There are mushrooms (or toadstools?) towards the right of the desert and the occasional seeds. There are fruits, too, and not too many predators crowd around with their beady eyes in your direction...

I found this quite effective =3 If you keep moving, perhaps from the moors to the desert, and the desert to the South East. Migrate with the herd or find your own way down South. Hope this helps.
Good luck!

PS: This also works for other small mammals, like mice, maybe geckos too.
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Re: Survival Tip for Rabbits

Post by Alexander »

I love these tips. ;D I shall also add this to my collection of guides/tips.
Do you think this could also be good for small prey like gecko and mice as well?
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Da key's guide to being a bun-bun ^.^

Post by sparkwolf111 »

So you have decided to be a rabbit, eh? well, being a rabbit isnt as easy at it sounds. You may start to differnt ways, as a infant(meaning you have NPC parents) or start normaly (a bunny about to be full grown) on a random spot on the map.

Starting as infant:(i highly recomend this)

-you have extra time before you have to go off alone
-you get someone else to do the work of feeding you
-more points
-more oprotunity to get combat
-have to wait to go off alone
-evil siblings suck up all the milkeh >:I (as long as you dont challenge at this point, you will live without it anyway)
-idiot parents might go offand get themselves killed
-you are vunrable

Not starting as infant:
-you are free to do whatever you want
-you will grow up faster
-you are more likly to die from hits
-you are very slow
-you have no combat
-you get less point than when you start as infant

When you start as infant:
there will come a time when you try to suckle your mother and it says 'you are to old to do this' dont panic, you now eat the same thing as your parents. you can eat anything your parrents bring into the den. sometime you may want to come out of your hole to eat, if both of your parents are still alive right now, it probably means your in a safe area(atleast, for spring) if your father and/or mother is dead, its more likely you will die from this/theese trips, just to let you know.once the spring clock is a bit past haif way, your sibling and you will suddenly grow from a tiny bun-bun to a big bun-bun, and be off by yourself. One of the other good things about starting as infant i didnt mention is you can easily re-make your birth-den into your den.

When you start as a soon-to-be-mature rabbit
once on the map, rush to the bottom of the map, trust me, its safer. if it is winter/early spring/late summer i recommend the bottom left cornerfor your nest site. if its any other time, i recommend right below the lake(under a boulder) there should be plenty of straw there, with shrooms close by.

General Bunnyatude

weather you start as infant or not, you should do theese things.
1.go to a place were there are little predators (usually the bottom 1/3 of the map)
2.find a den. i think this is better than digging one because the dirt from dens you dig yourself attract birds, and you can come out to hawks munching up the dirt, than kill you instantly
3.find a mate. if your a male, find a female that isnt moving to fast(they are smaller and have less white than males)if your a female find a male that isnt moving around to much(they are bigger with more fluffeh tails than females)
4.make your nest. personally, i dont bother with hair. just gather straw until its 116% and all your children will live when they are born.
5.(for males only) if you want, you can have multiple mates but you have to work early on and build as many nests as possible and have multiple mates.
6. if you dont have kids, i recomend stocking up food so when predators are near you can(probably) wait them.
7.never go within 1 space of a predator. i understand at some points this can be immpossible, jsut do it as often as possible.

Da Mini Bun-bunz
when u have baby bunnys, if you are a female i recommend moving da female bunnys to a diff part of the hole since they suckle slower. but dont worry, like i said bunnys can go there whole life with no milk. regardless of gender i recomend getting as much food for them as possible, unless you have low combat. i shall now work on a list of things vthey can eat

-purple flower
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Re: Da key's guide to being a bun-bun ^.^

Post by Swifty »

Nice job ;v;
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Re: Da key's guide to being a bun-bun ^.^

Post by Alias »

Also, try migrating with a buffalo herd. They eat the same things you do, and nobody really hunts the buffalo.
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Re: Da key's guide to being a bun-bun ^.^

Post by hoopyscoop »

Swifty wrote:Nice job ;v;
Loved it!
May help me with my life as a rabbit....
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Re: Survival Tip for Rabbits

Post by Mblover143 »

Omg being a rabbit is hard!! and thank you so much for this post. I'm excited to try out all your tips and stuff. :DD :D :D
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