Silly's Amazing Guide to Being a Fox!

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Rowan's Fox Guide

Post by Rowan »

Here is where you can read all about the fox basic animal and how to play it.

How do I play the Fox?

It's easy, just choose the fox before going into the game world.

Basic Fox Information

- Foxes are able to mate at the end of Winter.
-The preferred nesting site is a hole.
- Their nests are made up of straw and leaves.
- They do require a nest for their young.
- Cannot make sounds.

What Do Foxes Eat?

Foxes eat just about anything on Web Earth Online. On WEO, I usually eat berries and meat when I am playing as a fox.
Some other things that foxes eat are:


Tall grass
Short grass
Red berries
Fruit; desert plants
Meat; of any age
Some non-edible foods are:

Pine cones
Yellow Flower
Purple Flower

Where do foxes live?

Foxes live in the big holes that are around Web Earth Online. There are lots of open dens around, but you can also dig your own if you'd like to.

Foxes can enter:
Large Holes

Foxes can NOT enter:
Small Holes
Tree branches
Tree holes

Friend or Foe?
Foxes have many enemies, and some of them can get into your fox den.
Always make sure your den is guarded, and you should probably mark your territory outside of your den.

• bluebird: friendly
• cardinal: friendly
• mouse: friendly
• rabbit: friendly
• gecko: friendly
• king snake: friendly
• rattlesnake: friendly
• hawk: friendly
• condor: friendly
• red fox: friendly
• bobcat: aggressive
• coyote: aggressive
• elk: friendly
• buffalo: friendly
• mountain goat: friendly
• bear: appears friendly
• gray wolf: friendly

What is in a nest and how do I build one?

To build an ideal nest, you need to find leaves and straw. Just find the required nest ingredients, pick them up, and bring them back to your den. When you're in your den, click on your image on the top right of the screen. A menu should come up below that, and click the icon that shows an arrow pointing down to a nest. Clicking on that will add that item to your nest.

How do I care for my cubs?

Before your cubs are born, make sure you are healthy. The cubs are going to want food as soon as they are born. Your mate will help protect your cubs and take care of them. Pups drink milk when they are first born, but as they grow older, they will eat meat. Oh, and you may want to clean your pups from time to time.

If you have any other fox questions, just post them below! If you'd like to request another animal guide, you can also post that below!

A big thank you to Azayth for helping with the guide!
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Re: Rowan's Fox Guide

Post by FrostedLake »

I've eaten ants as a fox before. They just need to be seperated from the ants dots and eaten as individual ants.
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Re: Rowan's Fox Guide

Post by Scarikas »

I have an idea.

Things can't just be friendly and aggressive. I mean, if you attack a bluebird it will run. But if you attack a rattlesnake, it will fight back. On the list these are both friendly, But they have a difference.
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Re: Rowan's Fox Guide

Post by Quagga »

It means whether the animals will attack you or not. An aggressive animal will attack you without provocation, whereas the friendlies will leave you alone. I would know, I made the list. :P The only word I've thought of for the animals that would attack only if you provoke them (AKA, attack them first) would be "defensive."
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Re: Rowan's Fox Guide

Post by IcyFox »

Wow good guid!
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Silly's Amazing Guide to Being a Fox!

Post by Hope »

I haven't seen a fox guide but if there is one please PM me or post the address! This is my first guide so I think I'll colour code it.

Growing Up (Surviving the Wilderness)
Getting Old
(Anything else I missed? PM me!)

So you reached the point that you unlocked a fox? Like any other animal on WEO you must start out as a baby. Is it mating season for foxes? You chose you wanted to be a NPC baby? Let's see if theres any tips for you.

NPC Child Hood
You found a NPC with kits? Just follow them back to their den and enter it. You probably thinking that they'd kill you. That's the point. Once they kill you recarinate as one of their kits. Make sure their still weaning though.
Siblings to challenge
Good Food
Warm Den
Someone to clean you
No one to Talk to
Battle for Food
Gro slower

(I'll finish the rest later!)
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Re: Silly's Amazing Guide to Being a Fox!

Post by Lady »

Tip: The light blue text hurts my eyes.. can you make it suit the colors of the forum please? ^_^
Another thing, it's sorta easy being a fox, besides having kits. You run out of milk real easily, and your kits slowly die.. unless weo changed something. ^_^'
Foxes don't have many predators on weo, all they have to do is stay away from those pesky bob cats and coyotes. Bob cats are naturally an enemy for foxes, and coyotes generally hate everyone.
Also you don't have to die to get to be an npc's baby. Just go to My account- Edit player game options-check the box next to "Always start playing as an infant animal". However, you must go to a world where it's spring for it to work.
Though I guess dieing and incarnating is faster and easier. xD
Also, you don't grow slower. You're just younger than the default age you're set to when you don't decide to be an npc child. There's also a chance someone else decides to be in the same family you are. You don't exactly have to fight for food. As long as you're weaned, you can head out of the den and eat some grass.
^Those are just tips, not critique. Sorry if it offended you in any way.
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Re: Rowan's Fox Guide

Post by Shadow Wolf »

by the way.....when i am a female fox,
so,i go to feed my pups and my freind says it says "she is sucked dry" (my freind rencarnated into 1 of my pups) how do i get more milk?
ive tried:
1. eating more
2. resting
3. having more bones...

what else can i do?
please help me! 8) 8) 8) 8)

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Re: Rowan's Fox Guide

Post by Quagga »

Repeatedly clicking the rest button should do it. Just make sure you also have enough food to keep resting.
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Re: Rowan's Fox Guide

Post by Shadow Wolf »

oh ok thx me goin 2 try that now...

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Re: Rowan's Fox Guide

Post by hoopyscoop »

thanks for the guide :D it helped me a lot
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Re: Rowan's Fox Guide

Post by maybellmay »

Nice guide, but, rattlesnakes aren't friendly haha
they usually attack my pups if they come into my den.
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Re: Rowan's Fox Guide

Post by BlueberriezNyah »

Thanks! Nice guide :3
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Shadow's Fox Tips

Post by shadow-wolf »

ok, so your a fox, in the big wide world and u need help?! well , look no further!!

normal fox pup

ok, so your in the world, the first thing i would do is find a den, probably one near water and food, your looking by the waterfall.
once you have found a den and marked it - this is vital as it will help when keeping other NPC foxes out, mark it everytime you come out of the den - find food to put in your den, this will help in winter - i will provide a food list at the end - you canalso reguritate food...

incarnated fox pup

this is really the same as, combat, sleep, BUT! personally, i kill my siblings because:

A) u get more milk
B) u get combat

but if u wanna suffer u can:
A) follow your mom outtta the den and drink then
B) drink water - this wont do much but it will keep u alive till u r weaned..

also - if u are a real persons pup and she / he suddenly leaves & u r still not weaned ignore A and go 4 B OK?

list of food we can eat
  • grass
    bugs - if seperated
    regurjarated food
things we CANT eat
  • mushrooms
i think thats about it!!
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Re: Shadow's Fox Tips

Post by Alexander »

Added to the "All Guide Links Here" topic (;
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