DoomDragon's Wolf/Coyote Guide

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DoomDragon's Wolf/Coyote Guide

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I have decided to make a guide for wolves since I have seen more advanced players then ever and also, the wolf is my favorite animal. This is a repost of the original guide as it has some major updates!
(Note: I used wolf in this guide but the same goes for COYOTE!)

How do I play as a wolf?

Well, you need to be advanced to become a wolf which means paying real life $. Being advanced also let's you play as many other animals such as an elk and bobcat. However, wolf is the animal with the most points needed to play. Even if you are advanced you need at least 95000 points so it is recommended you earn that much points before getting advanced so you may enjoy the experience longer.

Getting Started!

Once you enter WEO as a wolf. You will be a wolf pup and I recommend starting in world 1 if you are not a seasoned player. You should grow up in a few minutes unless you are playing as a NPC's pup you will grow up in the Fall. Seek out food and bones and wait to grow up. Live life as like any other WEO animal and play with other players.

Starting a Pack!

All wolves one time in their life will be part of a pack. Which are families of wolves. The alphas are the parents of all the other members who are their pups in real life. However, WEO's pack let in strangers that would rarely happen in the wild. To start a pack simply go to your option in-game and click the blue circles without a red one. Name your pack or type in the pack name you want to join. When you enter the game you will be the lowest rank you can be. You rank up by challenging other wolves the same GENDER as you. If you win look at the top right corner of your wolf's profile; you should see something like this: 6/8

The lower the rank the better. That means if your rank is 1/9 your the alpha male or female of the wolves in that world but beware. If you log out your rank will be reset and you will have to fight for it once again. Also, if you are in world 1 and another real player is already the alpha you must respect the fact that they got it before you and must wait till they leave or let you to have the rank.

Hunting a Herd Animal!

After setting up your pack you may get the urge to hunt a big game animal such as a buffalo or elk. I don't even bother hunting buffalo because they are way stronger then an elk yet, I believe carry the same amount of meat. So only hunt elk females to avoid many deaths in your pack. Also, hunt all the calves you can as they are a good food source.

But, before even daring to hunt try to get every wolf in the world into your pack as this almost always kills it right away. The best time to hunt would be in Summer but Winter is the prime time for a wolf in real life. The elk should be dying of heat making it weak. Call you pack near the herd and charge into the herd using pack attack on the targeted elk. The pack should continue to chase the elk once it is cut off from the rest of the herd. The herd may fight back and try to save their friend but they usually back down once the prey is blocks away. If the pack is strong enough you should have a nice big elk carcass.

Hunt only the young,weak and old to avoid less injuries!

The Joy of Pups!

Every wolf must want pups one day but raising your first litter won't be easy. Before you think of having pups see if you have the time to sit at the computer for say 3 hours because you mate near Winter's end and the pups mature a quarter after Fall started.

Before you do anything look at the season. If its Spring your to late. If its Summer I normally move to another world. If its Fall you will have a long time to wait. If its Winter your in luck but if its right at the end your to late and should wait next year. Each season lasts around 1 hour but as I said before wolves only mate at the end of Winter so you have to be quick. You will know when your ready to mate when an egg sigh appears in your profile near the bottom right corner.

Say its near the end of Fall in World 1. Before you think of mating getting a nest started is a must if all your pups are to live. I normally use the den near the forest or make my den near leaves to make nest building betterYou can mate early by going to world 2 then return to World 1 if you are female but beware you will lose your mate if you do this. Each World is one season apart and the seasons always end at the same time and start. To mate you must be rank 1 then seek out the rank 1 wolf of the other gender. You must be in the same pack as the other alpha to mate so join its pack. Get your socal up all the way then mate then lead your mate to your den. Your pups will need milk all spring and will eat solids a quarter after Summer but will grow up in Summer if you are a COYOTE! If you nest is complete all your pups should live if not some or all might die.

Milk Tip for Females!

You might be having trouble with making milk for your pups but here's a tip to help you out. You will not make a lot of milk if your stomachs empty, energy low, or have lack of sleep or bones. Normally the male with bring food to the den so the female never needs to leave the den. However if you used the season trick your NPC mate, if it was will not follow so you must find food for your self or find a nice real player or mated with a real player. Keep your stomach, energy and sleep up to make milk a lot.

I hope this guide has or will help you! If you have any comments or questions please post. :D

Notice: This guide may have edits needed and will be soon completed.
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