Elk Guide (WIP)

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Elk Guide (WIP)

Post by Skeer-Ah »

Ive noticed people havn't made this so yeah....
Also my last guide blew up so yeah.....
Elks are majestic animals, padding in the feild on a quest for less predators and longer grass, sadly, no one is really playing them anymore... Lets have more people playing them!

To get the Elk you must get the Advanced game, the advanced game holds more animals then the basic game, the advanced game include Bob cats, coyote, goat, elk, buffalo and then wolf, if you do have the Advanced game you need about 30000 points.

First of all you should start off as a baby deer, baby deer can have 3 starts, NPC child, Lone or player child, when you get 30000 points go to the game screen and select Elk (male) if you want to be a male or Elk (female) if you want to be a girl, Elks may be called cow elk or bull elk (Cow=Female, Bull=Male).

If you want to start off as an NPC baby, go to My Account on the main screen and select Edit Player Game Options now make SURE your not another naimal such as a coyote or it wont work, if you ARE curently and animal, click Request for Animal to be destroyed, then click Always start playing as an infant animal (a limited number available and only during certain seasons) when starting a new animal. then select Submit. It will then say Your user account has been successfully updated. then click play, then it will have buttons of World 1, 2, 3 and 4, select the Winter world and then click which ever elk you want, if there are no males, be a female, if there are no females, be a male, and youll automaticly pop up near your mother.

Some one to rely on while in attack
Some one to clean you
Only 1-2 siblings so NO COMPTITION FOR MILK
Easy challenging

EVIL MOTHER OF DOOM (Mother will walk alot so you have to too)
A long and boring wait till your weaned
Your tiny and Elks are huge, so you cant see your mother in the crowd

If you want to start off as a lone go to your menu and Diselect the box next to the Always start playing as an Infant (A limited amout during certain seasons) when starting a new animal, then click submit, then click play, and select the elk this time theres no number, and an unlimited amount, so you can make amillion accounts and itll still be unlimited (Lol never.) And you will pop up in a random spot in the map, so find your herd quick before a wolf finds you and goes NOM NOM NOM NOM on you, A bull elk will have about 50.00 health starting off and a female will come off with a 45.00 health when starting off, While running to your herd make sure to pick up a mineral or two for youll migrate away from the river (Dont be scared, youll get water from grass too).

Your already weaned :)
You have good stautes so you dont have to go out and get minerals

Nothing to rely on in attack
No combat points :(
less points
nothing to clean you

Holy Nuggets! Its a real player! WITH KIDS! If your lucky you may come across a friend with kids, quickly kill yourself and incarnate into the kids. (Lol fail tip is Fail.)

Intelligent mother
Knows commen Sence and wont run into a battle and die
some one to talk to

They may not let you be their kids and you killed your self for nothing.


After your weaned and grown, your number one goal is to look for food, now, eating is not much of a problem, Elk eat grass, GRASS IS EVERYWHERE! Though your main diet is grass, you may eat alot of things, well, your a herbivore! Herbivores eats vegitation, vegitation is everywhere! Even in the harsh desert, your not going to need much of a stock in winter~

Mainly what elk eat:
Tall Grass
Short Grass

Secondary diet:
Berries of both colour
Pine Cones

Elk dont eat:

(Still WIP C:)

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Guide to being a MOTHER elk

Post by zizymala »

Mating:Try entering the game in fall season near its end-but not to near the end!Once you grow up,you can mate,socialize until the social bar is full.Then look for the male elk with this dominance rank: 1/(# here) then click teh epic heart of love.You will have mated.Make sure you have full energy and stomach before doing this though.
Waiting for there birth:Its wAITING TIME,ITS PROBABLY WINTER AND ITS cold!(srry for accident caps)Keep stomach and energy up.Always carry 1 piece of straw.You may have to move way from the herd though to find food.Come to a desert terrain if winter is cold.Go near the lake(often winter is cold)if it is warm near your calves birth.
Born:Your energy/food should be full.Keep cleaning your kids until there picture is not red.You will have to be constantly there and sleeping for more energy to make milk.Check if they are clean every so often.Stand where minerals are for them to lick it(i think every time i do that and examine them they have minerals bar full).
Weaned:Once weaned migrate all over the place to long grass or straw.They will do the rest.
Grown up:Its a sad moment,you have raised a great family and deserve your points.You have raised them and join the herd once more,and wait for fall to see if you will have a chance at having more kids...
Please?PLEASE?PLEASE?!Please save them by clicking them and be there hero.
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