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Alex's Master Guide!

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Basic Tips for all animals!
‣ If you ever want to know information about your animal's mating seasons and what the requirements are to find a mate, Log On, go to My Account, click on View Current Animal, More Info on this Animal, and all the information you could ever need right there.
(Blue Bird, Mouse, Gecko, Cardinal, Rabbit, Rattle Snake, Hawk, King Snake, Condor, Red Fox, Bob Cat, Elk, Coyote, Buffalo, Goat, Bear, Grey Wolf, Fire Ants (For fun))

Energy bar low? (Especially when producing milk) Sleep 15 times while taking care of your young, and if you can hide somewhere with a full hunger bar, try 30 or 40 times in a row! Depending on how fast your animal is, this should get your energy bar going pretty nicely. Only problem is you will need to focus on refilling your hunger bar in order to keep this up.
Combat Skills bar low? What I do for a quick raise is find an animal to Challenge. If you're a prey animal you may need to find a spacey area where you can get away if need be as this can be pretty hard. Basically, sit in a stream if it is of convenience (because your heat bar will fill) and Challenge over and over again! If you run out of Energy, Sleep once and Challenge once more. It's pretty efficient and if you have as much patience as I do, you should have a full bar in about five or ten minutes (depending on the speed of your animal) This goes VERY well if you are a baby being taken care of by NPC parents.
Health/Fat bar low? Here's what I do! If you got full hunger and energy, sometimes if you spam your sleep button you can see your Health rising little by little! Filling your fat bar is priority over health bar.

‣ If you click on almost any item in the game, you will find an "Examine" button. Click on this and you will find Age and Max Age. Consider 1 Age equals 1 minute. If you are a hawk, snake, bob cat, etc. that can only eat fresh meat, this may help you a lot. You know what else helps these animals a lot? Pick up old meat, drop it and consume it. The age of this meat reverts to 0 and it will now be "fresh meat" to you.

For Birds!
‣ Your gizzard bar is filled by eating Gravel, Dirt or Mud. Gravel spawns naturally along the stream while mud can too OR users can dig holes and expose dirt (and if dirt is picked up, it turns into mud)
‣ You can clean yourself while flying by clicking on your square, selecting your bird character and clicking on Clean. The message should say "You cleaned [your username]."
‣ If your nests seem to always fly out of the tree, try putting even more resources into your nest and make it super durable. I have heard this has worked.
‣ If you still have horrible luck with building nests and having them fall out due to wind blowing all your resources away, feel free to use a Condor cave! They are to the very west and in the mountains of the map. They will NEVER be blown away and it is in general pretty worth it. Beware though as NPC Condors take the top-most condor cave of the map.

For mammals!
‣ For nesting: consider ages. Always. As soon as your mating season is up, and it's nearing the middle of the season, I would start getting your nesting materials pronto. Straw is easy- the age will always be zero if you pick it up. Leaves are not-so easy. Especially in Fall season, as sometimes you get unlucky and add in rotting leaves, essentially, into your nests. If you want to get a zero-aged leaf, go to a Quaking Aspen tree, click on it, and select Pick Up. It isn't a 100% guarantee to pick up a leaf, but you should be able to get your two age-zero leaves. This works wonders and leaves you without worrying about it for the rest of the mating season.

For animals & reptiles!


Blue Bird





Rattle Snake


King Snake


Red Fox


Bob Cat

‣ DO NOT try to pick your baby brother/sister up if you are an infant animal with NPC parents! The majority of your herd will attempt to attack you and yeah it was a really stupid idea because I wanted more milk and my brother was hogging it all.





Grey Wolf

Got #1 high score for goats! Woohoo!
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