Parasites/Holes Not Expiring?

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Parasites/Holes Not Expiring?

Post by Kiyi1994 »

Along with negative id numbers on items
I just recently started to play again, and i have to say, the fact that most trees have absolutely ridiculous amounts of parasites sitting at the base is really quite annoying if you're trying to get into said tree. I know before that that wasn't a thing that happened? I also remember that holes despawned or whatever, and im wondering why they don't now? it makes the map look quite messy when there's wolf, coyote, and fox holes everywhere.

Anyway, yeah. Hi.
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Re: Parasites/Holes Not Expiring?

Post by babyshades »

I agree with that, I would really like the parasites to have a age like other things like to 60 or 30 :(

And the amount of holes are ridicules on some servers. :roll:
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