Super Awesome Guide For Cardinals!

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Super Awesome Guide For Cardinals!

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OK, so in this post, I'll tell you everything there is to being our favorite red bird. :mrgreen:

First, make sure you have 6000 points.

There are two ways you can start off, you could start off as a chick in an NCP's nest, or you could start off by yourself in the harsh world of WEO.

Pros For NCP Nest:
POINTSS!!!, Combat, Parents that protect you, and shielding from from the harsh elements. :)

Cons For NCP Nest:
Long wait to grow up, competition for food.

I usually start in an NCP's nest for ALL the animals I play. Now, because Cardinals can't throw up food, and you'll have 3-5 siblings, it's very important that as soon as your parents come in, grab 'dem berries! You'll also want to build combat while you're in there. You won't be needing it for killing (duh) but you will need it if a predator attacks you, so that you have a better chance of being missed.

Now, on to child hood by yourself! :lol:

No idiotic parents or siblings to starve you :roll:
Grow up Faster

Can't Fly :cry:
Huge chance of being eaten
Predators everyyywhereee
No Parents to protect you
No siblings to challenge

If you decide to start out this way, first, find a place where there are no predators at all. Next, (This is optional) gather a ton of food and bring it into a small hole. (You can't dig holes, so you'll have to find one) After you find your hole, you'll be able to stay in there and eat the food that you brought until you grow up.

Now, It's time for who can kill you, and who can't!

Basic Game Animals:

Bluebird: birdss aree frienddssss
Mouse: They don't attack, but don't go inside their holes
Rabbit: Same as Mouse
Gecko: Friendly, but will attack if provoked
Hawk: These birdies are bad news, stay away
King snake: These snakes hate everyone, plus they can go inside your nests and holes, be careful
Rattle Snake: They will attack, plus they have deadly poison, so you might wanna stay away
Fox: Will Attack, but they won't come from afar to.
Condors: They usually don't attack, as they are scavengers, but still a good idea to stay away

Advanced Game Animals:

Bobcat: These guys are :twisted: evil, :twisted: be careful
Elk: Won't attack, but don't attack them, cause the whole herd will.
Buffalo: Look Above
Goat: Look Above Again :wink:
Coyote: They generally hate everyone, they even hit each other :|
Bear: Quite passive, but will attack if hungry or provoked
Wolf: Nicer than coyote, but will still attack soo...

Usually you won't have to worry about being attacked, as you can fly but, just in case...

Cardinals Can Eat Seeds, Insects, and Berries.

When you finally grow up, you can fly! Soar above everyone else with pride because you are now a young adult!

Now that you're grown, you can mate! All Cardinals want behbehs, but only the ones that work hard get them. At the end of Winter, Spring and Summer, you will see an egg! But before that, you'll need to build a nest on a tree branch or a small hole (I definitely recommend tree branch)
Fly around the world and get Straw, Twigs, and Mud, because that's what you'll need to build a nest. Once, you're done, find a girl or a guy, and Socialize, Clean yourself, then Mate!

If you're a male, then your rank will need to be 50 percent or higher to mate.

Once your eggs hatch, Do what your parents did! Feed them, clean them, protect them, and rebuild the nest if it falls apart. If a King snake, Hawk, Bluebird, or Other Cardinal comes in, use that combat skill and scare them off! It Takes about 30-45 minutes to raise Cardinal Chicks, so make sure you have enough time to!

Once your little chicks grow up, you'll get a ton of points, depending on their condition. Males can multi-mate with lots of females to increase their score. Make sure You take the females to different nests though. Now, you just repeat the mating cycle or relax until you get old!

Once you become old, or get into red age, your health will decrease, you'll get smaller and slower, and you'll get sick. These are just signs that your Cardinal lived an awesome life and is ready to finish it. Get a ton of minerals and gizzard, then relax in a tree branch until your life is over.

Thanks for reading my guide :D :mrgreen: :) I had a ton of fun writing it, and I hope this helps you with your Cardinal Adventures! 8) :lol:
Chad! Chad! Chad!
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