Random Tips of Survival

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Random Tips of Survival

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So yeah um, tips of survival.. ;3

Nombre un

So when you're a small land animal, survival can be hard. Mouse, rabbit, gecko, you name it, survival is difficult. I find a tip that helps me, is to pick a den out of the way, where there's more or less, an absence of predators. And area I like is up in the mountains by the springs, but that's a little bit out of the way. Another one I like is beside the bear den that's beside the condor caves ;3


A little tip for rattle snake, I just recently figured out, is handy for getting food. When hunting, if there's a fairly young, or a hawk or condor that is weak or lacks combat skills, they're easy prey. You'd think, "How, you can't attack them as they're usually flying." Well, if you go underneath one of these predatory birds, it will attack you, and if you picked an acceptable animal for your size, it will either miss, or it's attack will be very weak. Either way, it has landed, and you can now posion it. All you have to do now is follow it, and wait for it to die ;3


Animal requiring fresh meat? A wide known fact, but will list it anyways for those who don't know; you can pick up meat from a rotten corpse, drop it, and voila, it's fresh again, and you can eat it.


In regards of building nests, If you don't want your nest to decay, but don't want to wait til the last minute to build it, a good idea is to just store the nesting materials, then when you're ready, build the nest with the materials you've stored. Now your nest should last longer. ;3


When you're a very vulnerable animal, such as a mouse, it's quite easy to die. One thing I do to ensure my survival, is stay at least 2 squares away from predators, so that when I stop to eat beside a predator, he doesn't move and kill me. If he moves, then I move, just to provide some insurance that he's not going to move and kill me.


If you're bunking with friends, bring your mate elsewhere, so that they don't attack your friends. Even if you're a male with a female mate, put her elsewhere, and if you want them, bring them to the den when they're born


Another one regarding nests; always have spare nesting materials close by, just in case of decay

That's all I can think of now, but will add more as they pop into my head ;3 Thanks for reading
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