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Forum Rules

PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2011 8:50 am
by Kenya
Thank you for joining the WEO forums! In order to keep the forums a fun and family-friendly place, we ask members to follow these rules. If you have any questions about these rules or about anything related to the forums, please contact a Moderator.

What is allowed:
- Being an overall helpful member
- Posting appropriate comments/topics
- Commenting on art, stories, ect. in a positive way
- Reporting anything wrong on the forums to a Moderator

What is not allowed:
- SPAMing the forums
- Talking about innapropriate topics (politics, sex, religion, ect)
- Swearing or using unfriendly words (including insults)
- Backseat moderating
- Plagerism/art theft
- Giving or asking for personal information
- Arguing with others, or bringing others down with hateful comments
- Advertising innappropriate sites (or advertising overall)
- Double posting without reason

Definition of SPAM: Posting messages that are off-topic or don't contribute to the topic.

Double posting: If you're in a hurry and the post isn't SPAM then double posting is ok. You may double post if you have a reasonable answer behind it (you're in a hurry, ect.).
However, it is encouraged to use the "edit" tool on the side of the post rather than double posting.

Argument VS Discussion: An argument is typically people on different sides of an issue trying to prove that their stance is the right one. Arguments tend to get rather heated.
Discussions - they're more about sharing thoughts and opinions than they are about trying to debate or convince someone.

If you have questions please consult a moderator.
Above all, make sure to respect everyone and enjoy yourself here in the forums! Thank you for your cooperation!