3D bird request

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3D bird request

Post by Mr. Awesomeness »

Greetings, I know it's been a very long time since I've been on the forums and I need your help. If anyone here can make a 3D model of a bluebird ( like the one in WEO ) please submit it to me. Please save it as a .obj. I would prefer if it was rigged but if you do not know how to rig something then I can do it. I have a ehm.. project I'm working on. So if you're creative and want something to do, here you go.
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Re: 3D bird request

Post by Mata »

I really doubt anybody on here has the experience to do that... but hey, maybe you'll get lucky. If I were you, I would try looking on a more professional site for 3D modeling, or trying to model it yourself using blender or a program like so.
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