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Wolf Mountain (OPEN)

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 2:47 am
by wildchild
You are a wolf, taken from zoos and safari parks, rescued from being some one's illegal 'pet'. You are placed in a thriving national park full of wildlife and centered around one large mountain. It's confusing at first, but you soon realise why you are here; wolves have been mercilessly hunted until there is the smallest handful left in the wild and tests have shown that you have good, strong genes and therefore it is your job to breed and repopulate wolves. How will you handle this? Will you make a pack or go it alone? And most importantly: Can you succeed?


1. No Power-Playing
2. No bob-modding or Bob-modding
3. No mary/gary stues
4. Be polite aand respectgul to me and other members
5. To prove you have read the rules put a smiley of your choice in the other section of you form
6. No Clashing personalities. What I mean by this is no characters who are 'shy but can be extremely fierce.' I hate this. So your character is one or the other.
7. No non-realistic wolves/coat colours/markings. Your wolf should be a real species and realistic.
8. I want this RP to be active and well written so this mean no one liners, no chat speak and correct use of grammer and punctuation. If I reject your application because your RP example is not up to standard, please don't take it personally or feel disheartened. If you go and improve your RP example I would be happy to reconsider, however please only do this if you can keep the standard the whole way through.
9. No having you characters crushing on eachother or mated with eachother
10. Don't put a smiley now. Make sure you have fun!

More rules will be added if nescessary.

Character Form:

Wolf Species:
Personality: (No will rp please)
History: (No will rp please)
RP Example:

Re: Wolf Mountain

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 2:49 am
by wildchild
Accepted Characters:
Username: Wildchild
Name: Aiofa (pronounced ee-fa)
Age: 2 1/2 years
Gender: Female
Wolf Species: Eastern
Appearance: ... 20wolf.jpg
Personality: She finds it very hard to trust others and can become extremely nervouse. She can just about hold her own in a fight, but not very well. She is gentle and caring and will probably be one of the best mothers to. She is certainly more brains than brawn, however don't underestimate her because she intelligent enough to trick and decieve you.
History: She finds it hard to remember her life when she was young and wild the farthest she can go back to is when she was first bought by a rich man off the black market. He was cruel and she became scared. She was finally rescued and sent to be rehabilitated. Her genes were then tested and they turned out to be good so she was sent to Wolf Mountain Park.
Crush: Searching
Mate: Searching
Family: Unknown
RP Example: I don't need to put one, mwuhahaha :P :twisted:

Username: Wildchild
Name: Eragon
Age: 3 years old
Gender: Male
Wolf Species: Grey Wolf
Appearance: ... wolf_3.jpg
Personality: Eragon can sometimes be too quick to be aggressive, sometimes causing unnessacary fights. This did have it's advantages though as he soon learned how to fight well and effectively, however he hasn't quite managed to make himself thin before he acts as he still can be quite rash. He can become over-protective of his loved ones but a few sharp words from some one he respects can generally stop him from being aggressive. Despite all this, once you get to know him he is quite friendly, however often goes to have some time alone. He would rather not be an Alpha or even Beta.
History: Nothing special really, he was born into a pack that belonged to a zoo and didn't enjoy his life trapped in a zoo. He was then sent to be rehabilitated for living in the wild and now he has ended up here.
Crush: Searching
Mate: Searching
Family: He was part of a pack at the Zoo he was in.
RP Example: I don't have to put one mwuhahaha :P :twisted:

Re: Wolf Mountain

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 2:50 am
by wildchild

Re: Wolf Mountain (OPEN)

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 12:54 pm
by Grep42
Username: Grep42 8)
Name: Fae
Age: 2 years
Gender: Female
Wolf Species: Eastern Timber Wolf
Personality: (No will rp please) It is hard to humble Fae. She feels superior and therefore is. No one can argue with that logic. Fae has a strong sense of humor and loves to trick and embaress people. She is a true prankster.
History: (No will rp please) She was owned by a private collecter of large animals. He was not cruel, his faculty was good enough, though she could recall the time that leopard escaped it's pen.
Crush: None Yet
Mate: None Yet
Family: None Yet
RP Example: ... 194&page=1 Yes, it's about dinosaurs.

Re: Wolf Mountain (OPEN)

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 1:25 pm
by wildchild
Sorry but I can't accept you until you give an RP example

Re: Wolf Mountain (OPEN)

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 7:02 pm
by Mindy
Username: Mindy

Name: Jalla

Age: 6 years old

Gender: female

Wolf Species: Gray wolf

Appearance: She is a broad-shouldered, tall, and well-muscled wolf, clearly built for strength. Her pelt is light gray with black flecks, and she has fierce yellow eyes.

Personality: Jalla is a very calm, patient wolf; slow to anger, slow to speak, and quick to listen. She is strict, and has a strong sense of justice. She is hardened, and through an ever-present sadness and weariness that comes from listening far too long to ghosts of the past, she holds herself up high with determination. She distances herself from others, and it takes a while to crack through her thick shell. One of her biggest flaw is that she's stubborn, and she can hold grudges for a long time; she still holds one on herself, in fact, that weighs her down heavily. Jalla is intelligent, and tries her best to be fair. She is slow to condemn, and careful when making judgments.
Also, her sense of humor does exist. She just knows when to apply it, and doesn’t always feel like it.

History: Jalla was captured when she was one year old. She got shunted around for a while by several different abusive owners among a circle of friends, until she was finally kept by one man when she was two. He was mostly neglectful, and sadistic, and only penned her up with the others for some years. But a couple of days after a wolf tried to kill him, he got the idea to start his sport. She was three.

Jalla was kept in captivity with twelve other wolves. The human who presumed to own the creatures neglected them, though when he was bored and returned to the cabin in the woods where he stayed whenever he wished to impose on them, he hunted them as a sort of game. For this game, he would release them from the small enclosure where he normally kept them out into the property, which was surrounded by an electrical fence. The fifty acre wood was hardly enough to run from him, and though they tried to work together to keep from being killed, occasionally one of them would get shot. And to ensure that they would come back, there was always food in the pen when he got bored and left again. Well, usually. Sometimes he forgot. And there was no big game on his property, discluding the wolves themselves. Their number dwindled. They were always hungry, and the wolves had a hard time escaping him. Nevertheless, Jalla kept them all united in a pack. They all saw that fighting among each other would kill them all faster, and the others looked to her for leadership. No one questioned her authority. It had surprised her that she assumed the role of leader so naturally, but went with it.

Of course, they tried to kill the man who they hated. Some of the pack had tried twice before, desperate, unorganized attempts, impulses spurred on by bouts of anger, that both ended up with another shot. They all knew that they needed a plan, and so they made the best one that they could. They were running out of time, and slowly starving. Seven of the thirteen had been killed already in the two years that passed. She was five years old, and bitter. Everyone in her 'family' was bitter.

The first organized attempt to defeat the man who kept them as game, the day the six of them that were left seriously might have killed him, was a disaster. Her plan was for two to try to lure him nearer to the electrical border. There was a wolf that was a distraction, trying to dodge bullets, while another tried to wrench the gun away. Jalla and another wolf attacked him directly. Nothing happened as it should have. Everybody ended up shot.

The one trying to lead him into a corner died. The ones as distractions were wounded, then with those slowed, he side-stepped, so that one trying to kill him missed, and then shot at him; then his gun was twisted by the wolf after that, and he managed to get it free enough to shoot the wolf, even as Jalla had latched onto his arm. The man wrenched her off, threw her off, and then he aimed, finger on trigger. And Jalla, her adrenaline rush not gone, sprang up and dodged a bullet by complete accident as she automatically jumped to the side. And then she was shot across her back, and she hit the ground. He couldn’t shoot her because the other wolf, the wolf that had the same part she did, crashed into him, the bullet flew into the trees. And Jalla got up as that wolf’s neck got blown through with a bullet. She stared in horror at the remains of her close friend.

He was unbeatable, quite clearly. They gave it their all. And she'd either die, or live. And Jalla decided to live, and that decision would haunt her for the rest of her life. She turned and ran, and didn’t see the man get up, and then easily fend off the wounded wolves who were determined to get at him still, and didn’t see as he nearly leaned against the electric fence, wondering what mess he had got himself into as he winced at the wounds on his arm. She didn’t know that three days later, intelligence from the government found out about his wounds, and because of that, were able to determine that she was where she was after several false leads, and then two more days later, they were able to send some to retrieve her. And then, since it was such a big area, it took another two days to find and retrieve her.

All she knew, was that the next week, she was found by people who meant to rescue her, though she didn’t know that at first, and actually attacked them, though they expected that, and sedated her. Later, Jalla found out what was going on. She was nursed back to health for a couple of months, to recover from the abuse she suffered, and then was sent to be rehabilitated. Her genes were found to be favorable, and so she was sent to Wolf Mountain Park to help repopulate.

Crush: -
Mate: -
Family: forgotten

RP Example: The large, light gray, black flecked wolf sat on a rock by the river. She sighed, looking into the water moodily. She couldn’t help but remember her Pack once in a while. Jalla hated where she had come from, and she was tired that she had spent so much time handicapped, hiding from wolf society for a year because of that. But Jalla didn’t regret any second. She grimaced. Every second had been necessary.

Her ear flicked, and the smell of company entered her nares. Immediately, a gear in her mind shifted, clicked into place, and gone was any soft vulnerability that she supposed she had when reminiscing. Instead, a hard, distant, calculating expression was on her face, and Jalla looked over at the visitor, standing and rising to her full, impressive height. Though she unconsciously stood dominantly, her technical stance was neutral, and the glance she swept over the wolf was simply one for observation, and not critical appraisal, as she tried to start to get an idea of who this newcomer was.
((new: I decided to keep the rping example, even though her past is different now. It's just an example, after all. ^_^))

Other: Do I put a smiley or not? Your rules contradict each other. ^_^"

Re: Wolf Mountain (OPEN)

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 7:14 pm
by KibaWolf
(Dont have them crushing or mated?!Look at your form!(trying not to be rude) )

Re: Wolf Mountain (OPEN)

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2012 12:37 pm
by wildchild
@Grep thanks you are now accepted, we can start when one more person joins

@Mindy I'd prefer it if she was just being released into Wolf Mountain Park in the first post like the others, rather than having already been there for a year and I have edited what the rules say to make it a bit clearer

@KibaWolf I'm not sure what she did but it seemed like you were trying to help so thanks

Re: Wolf Mountain (OPEN)

Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2012 12:00 pm
by Mindy
@ wildchild: Edited! ^v^
@ KibaWolf: They don't have to get a crush or mate starting out; That's just in the form for clarification, you know, for when they DO get one. :)