The first day i played WEO i....

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Re: The first day i played WEO i....

Post by Ayashe »

My first day, a girl named Scarlet took me to her nest and declared me as her boyfriend. I don't think she ever realized how confused I was about the game. She just demanded I brought her flowers and food. After figuring out the controls, I fled from my captor and hung out with a bunch of condors in a wolf den. I think Doom was one of them, and Wolf, if anyone remembers her. Later on I asked around about Scarlet and no one knew her, which I thought was pretty weird. Never saw her again. Good times, though.
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Re: The first day i played WEO i....

Post by CatsMeow »

Haha! That's an interesting first day Ayashe :3 .

My first day I died a few thousand times before I read the complete user manual. Then I had babies, the father died. Then I raised the chicks on my own, and was on the verge of starvation before a king snake killed me. After that I started out as a chick, lived, and died because of another king snake. So now I have a profound hatred for NPC king snakes.
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Re: The first day i played WEO i....

Post by animalguy888 »

On my first day. I avoided players for a while to try to take time to learn what's what. Then once I got my bearings I came across doom dragon and a few others that were foxes hanging out in log. I hung out with them a lot and since I was still learning about the game they helped me move my feet onto solid ground (Metaphorically). That pretty much all I can remember at the moment. After all my first day took place a few years ago.

He is it just me? Or is DoomDragon a recurring them here?

It seems like a lot of us have ended up running into him/her and/or end up learning from him/her on our first day.

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Re: The first day i played WEO i....

Post by MadLab »

the ressume of my first day is trying to kill everything and making nests until the second bird i learned everything to play,i even mated and have a home but sudently my game bugged out of word 1 and some player with an npc mate chased me out and later this i was just hiting a bear
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