The first day i played WEO i....

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Re: The first day i played WEO i....

Post by Saebre »

Pffft. Well that's nice.
I almost forgot the time to tried fitting into the waterfall as a bluebird. It always kept saying "You must be closer to enter" over and over again. I got so mad, I took it out on my dad.....=P
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Re: The first day i played WEO i....

Post by Foxesrule »

The first time I went on WEO I said hello to a bear and I got killed. ;_;
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Re: The first day i played WEO i....

Post by MidnightRose »

I can't remember exactly how I was when I first played WEO, but I remember I was flying around, thinking "Wow, this game is popular!" (Cause I thought NPCs were real people) and eventually I made a nest.

After making a nest, I went to mate and got super frustrated when it wouldn't let me, and eventually I realized that my minerals were blinking. I had found out how to fill gizzard, but not minerals.
So I flew around asking NPCs how I fill my minerals, and I thought "Gosh, these people are mean! They never answer!" then finally I noticed these reddish things near the water so I went to them, and got mad at the game when it wouldn't let me eat them.
I then continued to fail at mating until I met real people (I believe it was Aggressive and a few more players, I don't remember their names) and finally actually learned how to play the game right xP
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Re: The first day i played WEO i....

Post by KibaWolf »

As a bluebird chick,i looked at the endlesws map around me."Wow..."I said.I went up to a kingsnake "HI!!!!"I screamed at the npc.It hit m."WHAT THE?!"I cried.I missed it until i died.Thwee end! xP
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Re: The first day i played WEO i....

Post by Slueth »

I was born. i grew up. I got a mate. I raised chicks. i died. I repeated.
I got enough points to be a rabbit. I found Doomdragon, and we had a mating-spree
for points. I ended up skipping most animals all the way to hawks. I played as a hawk.
I starved. Worst part was, I died right infront of another person in world 1 screaming for help :C
They were all like, "I'm not helping you you eat mice like me"
And I was like, "No, this is world one HALP ME" and then I died.

Oh, and then I was a condor and stayed like that forever till foxes. now I'm converted to hawk-ism.
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Re: The first day i played WEO i....

Post by Scarikas »

When I first tried joining WEO I was a bluebird and talking to all of the npc's, then somebody named Flame or something that was a coyote came over and helped me out a lot, including telling me that NPCs didn't talk and explaining to me what Life points were, I'm pretty sure their name was Flame or Flamefox or something along those lines, I barely remember them but they were a memorable friend.
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Re: The first day i played WEO i....

Post by Alias »

I can't really remember the first day I played WEO.
Though I do know that even now I fail at every animal apart from the condor xD
But I've converted to snake-ism now, ever since I bought a reptile
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Re: The first day i played WEO i....

Post by Kenya »

I didn't really know what I was doing when I was playing WEO for the first time...kept dying since I didn't know how to find gizzard or minerals LOL.
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Re: The first day i played WEO i....

Post by Renesmai »

I think I spotted some real people talking and I ran away, 'cause I didn't want them to kill me xD

Fun times.
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Re: The first day i played WEO i....

Post by oceanpelt »

When I first started, it was very confusing. I either clicked to my heart's content and went to the edge of the map, or I was killed by predators. I had also met a good friend, but unfortunately I never saw her again.

And in the now days, since I just returned because my computer finally works, I only have seen one person in game.
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Re: The first day i played WEO i....

Post by chad45677 »

The first day I played WEO was with my sister. We were both bluebirds, and we did pretty much okay. My sister was WAY better than me tho. I could never ever build a nest because I had no idea what to build it with. I would always get up getting killed because I attack a bear... :shock: Lol those were the days... :P
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Re: The first day i played WEO i....

Post by WesternWolfWarrior »

I first started as an adult Bluebird (because I didn't know how to start as a chick at the time) and I didn't know what to do, then I built a nest and got eaten by a fox.

Good times.
I'll mostly be playing as a Fox in this game. If I die, I'll reincarnate into just about anything XD

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Re: The first day i played WEO i....

Post by mistyfang »

First day I played WEO:
"What is a gizzard?"
"OH IT"S A KITTY!" ((The bob cat killed me shortly after :3))
"Why can't I mate....YOU DON"T LOVE MEH!!*sob*"
"I want to be a goat!"
"What the heavens is a rank....WHY CAN'T I BUILD THIS NEST!"
"Everything hates me!"
"Haha! I lived as a mouse!" {{Snake came in and killed me lol}}
"I can't survive as a snake? Wow.."
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Re: The first day i played WEO i....

Post by Mata »

When I first logged in, I died.
When I logged in again, I thought everybody was a player and started begging them not to kill me. Then I died.
When I logged in again, two real players greeted me and started introducing me to the game and such. I also ate some dirt.
Then I attacked a bear. And died.
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Re: The first day i played WEO i....

Post by Alone »

I didn't know how to do ANYTHING my first day on WEO. I didn't know how to eat or move or anything, because I was so absorbed in the map I didn't notice the sidebar (I don't even know how I didn't notice it xD). Yeah, my first day consisted mostly of dying and just sitting there.
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