Project Waterfall Cave .x.x. Project Fire Ant

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Re: Project Waterfall Cave .x.x. Project Fire Ant

Post by Foxesrule »

WolfPawPrints wrote:Oh, And I might not be APART of the project but a saw rank one male fire ant, pretty healthy. So I am assuming that rank ones don't really get attacked.
Adding onto this...

As a mouse, I found a fire ant nest, and all of their fire ant babies were dead.
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Re: Project Waterfall Cave .x.x. Project Fire Ant

Post by WildLife »

Fire ant nests? Well, if your a blue bird, you might wanna raid the nest.
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Re: Project Waterfall Cave .x.x. Project Fire Ant

Post by Ragdoll »

Fireants are an aggressive species. The reason the nest with the dead fireants was found, is because even as babies, fireants attack almost anything on the same square as them. They kill their parents, and each other. Then, the survivors starve to death. I once stole a fireant baby from a nest and raised it, and they grow very rapidly. As for the waterfall cave, WEO has before said that what is inside, could change WEO dramatically or something like that ahah I'll have to find the actual quote. I had a topic about this once, but I don't know if it was on this forum or the old one. I'll look though.
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Re: Project Waterfall Cave .x.x. Project Fire Ant

Post by Alexander »

I totally remember this topic and other ones like it. It was pretty interesting reading up on everyone's theories and then what WEO had to say about it. I wonder if this'll all be figured out soon. Or ever. Is it weird that I'm still hopeful? I'm curious. I'm pretty sure yours was on the old one.
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Re: Project Waterfall Cave .x.x. Project Fire Ant

Post by MadLab »

once i found a all white ageclock fire ant (i was a hawk) and i picked up for feed a friend but i got tired for being hit by the ant 3 times per square,it was very agressive and when i droped it the ant dont died it just started to pursue me very very slowly :|
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Re: Project Waterfall Cave .x.x. Project Fire Ant

Post by Reacher »

If this is still on-going, you can put me down for Forum Searcher. I pretty much observe everything I see posted anyway.

p.s are there actually fire ant nests?
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