snake life

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snake life

Post by dominoandcopper »

I have found that being a snake is incredibly difficult. Especially rattle snakes. Almost anything will chase you and kill you, but im confused as to why. I did a project on rattle snakes for school once and I never found anything that said animals hunt them that bad. Most animals avoid them and their poison. So why did you guys make it so hard to play as one? You spend hours gaining combat and such only to leave the den and be eaten by an animal! You barely get a chance to do anything, and the animals will chase you around too! Isn't that a bit different from real snake life. Though snakes are eaten, I don't believe a poisonous snake would be chased, in fact wouldn't it be avoided mostly?
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Re: snake life

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Ha, the poor rattler's populations are diminishing rapidly in real life. Predators like the road runner can easily pick off a snake, venomous or not. There are also these horror events called "Rattler Roundups" but I wonder get into that.

I think the current game difficulty when it comes to being a rattle snake is fair. Oh, and did you know king snakes actually prey on rattle snakes?
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Re: snake life

Post by Scarikas »

Yep, I love the king snake and rattle snakes are always the perfect snack in the fall! <3
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Re: snake life

Post by TheWolfeh »

I know, but I work on my combat and make some warning sounds and they won't even get near. Like a boss. B| XD
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Re: snake life

Post by Katrinakaif »

Cobra is best snake in all snakes
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