your friendly neighborhood Danica

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your friendly neighborhood Danica

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Hey guys im back! I know theres alot of new members who dont know me, for those wondering, im Danica. I like to help protect/ raise other players! Im #4 on most helpful players in the highscores , and im back!! :D. I know its been a long time, feel free to find me in world 1, I hope to upgrade soon and my cave will be in the same old spot, I will post a picture when i make it for yu new players!!

My group has always welcomed all players who come peacefully, if you harm/ kill/ steal offspring/ eat others food reserves, etc you will be tossed out. We do help eachother but that kindness is not weakness!! ^_^, anyway, message if you ever need help guys!!
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Re: your friendly neighborhood Danica

Post by Alexander »

I'd love to play with you sometime!
Got #1 high score for goats! Woohoo!
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