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fox pack

Post by cristabell »

i thought its not fair to us UN advanced characters that only have regular animals unlocked so i thought it would be cool to make a fox pack plus other animals can join :P
so i thought we could have levels of what happens like who brings food and takes care off the pups so hears the levels

pack leader :the keep the pack under control(1)(male and female)(will mate)(will be voted on)
pack leader helper:help the pack leader keep pack under control when leader is not on WEO(2)(1male and female)(will mate)(will be voted on)
mothers:they will socialize with males and mate in winter and build nest with nesting material(9)(can be mice snakes rabbits and birds)
guards:they will guard the den and keep mothers and pups safe(can be birds fox and snake rabbit and mice if want to be) (UN limited)(need males)
gather:they will gather food and gizzard minerals and bones(10)
nursery:females that will help mothers with pups(9)
nesters: will bring material for nest(4)
diggers : diggers will dig holes for nests need to be close to main hole(5)
the main hole is where the pack leader's will live
if u want to join commit this to the i will give an example with my forum if want to try and get pack leader put in a back up so i will know what u will be if not pack leader same with helper and u may try for both but same with pack leader u must have a back up

user name for the game:Cristabel
level:pack leader(pack leader helper)(mothers)

if u are killed doing your job u may become any animal and go to a den were u will be excepted as there baby.
if u are a bird guard u are to help the baby chicks back to a nest where they will be gladly excepted.
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Re: fox pack

Post by BonePick »

I know this was forever ago, so it seems, but I'd be more than happy to join your fox pack! My username is BonePick, oblivious. x3 What times (and zone?) are you usually on? I'm just tired of playing by my self. o___o
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