Wish there was more people

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Wish there was more people

Post by chad45677 »

I love webearth. It's the only real animal game that isn't about shooting and other stuff like that. I just wish... I just wish more people played it. Don't get me wrong, it's super fun, but it can get really lonely. There are a few people I've seen, like Reacher, AkitaHaru, and Kenya over the few days, but it could be better.

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Re: Wish there was more people

Post by Kenya »

It all depends on what world you're in, and what time. I've seen a good 10+ people recently in World 1, so it's really all about timing. ^^
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Re: Wish there was more people

Post by Alexander »

Yeah it's basically the timing as well as the season. I know that as soon as school is out a lot of people jump back in to spend some time on WEO. c:
That's what's gonna happen to me. Right now I'm steering toward the end of my semester, so as soon as it ends I'm probably gonna be all over this game.
ANOTHER big factor is that World 1 hits up Winter. I see most people on during Winter.
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Re: Wish there was more people

Post by actualScarikas »

yeah, this game is probably as active as it used to be if not more, except there's barely any people on the forum anymore
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Re: Wish there was more people

Post by cristabell »

im usualy in world one on weekdays
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Re: Wish there was more people

Post by DarkWolf »

So true... I haven't seen anyone in the past month... Role playing becomes frustrating when it's like this xD I don't understand why not many people are on as often? When I first joined WEO the game and forums were filled with life... But not it's been drained like a watering hole in drought. :(
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Re: Wish there was more people

Post by Ragdoll »

Personally, I lapse in activity due to the fact that there aren't many people. I enjoy the game, obviously, but the fun I got out of the game was playing it with friends, and lately, I haven't seen very many people on the game, or on the forums. The few people I do see in game are usually new people who I do not recognize. It can be argued that there are people who play, but either way, for me, WEO wasn't just about the game but about the people who came along with it, and the activity on the forum was an important factor as well, and recently, there has been hardly any activity, making my visits few and short. Personally, I do think the game would benefit with more people, and I would love to see this community grow.
With that being said, I don't fully understand why the game isn't advertised, as a bigger community I feel would benefit all. I feel as if WEO had provided a reason as to why he didn't advertise in the past, and I believe it was due to server sizes and the need to enlarge them if there were more people playing(I'm definitely not 100% on this, I do not remember what the reason was what-so-ever), but in my thinking the more people to play, the more people who would buy Advanced Game, which would reel in some profit for the game owner... I honestly don't know where I'm going with this ahah Buut I do wish this community was larger, and I hope there's actually a way to act on this instead of just talking about it. (:
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Re: Wish there was more people

Post by Runite »

It's a great game, While it might turn some people away with the play style I'm sure advertised right it will bring in a few if not more loyal players. Anyone that has an fan base on YouTube could contribute well to that by posting Weekly videos of WebEarthOnline. Now days there is Twitch/Live Stream. Anyone with a fan base there could contribute very well. We're in an internet age as you all know and WebEarthOnline can use it to its advantage. Getting their attention might be the hard part.
Just because you may not have a fan base on YouTube/Live Stream doesn't mean you should exclude yourself because the more videos of WebEarthOnline out there the better.

It's just an idea.
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