Few questions

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Few questions

Post by TheWolfeh »

I'm sorry if this doesn't belong here, move it if it doesn't.
Now about the question... I always wanted to be herd animal but I couldn't get advanced game, so I was wondering is WEO still working on updates and will they add any herd animals to basic game? Anything similar to ones we have would make me(and probably other players) happy. :3
Now le second question:
On one site I heard TDS offers free advanced games. I don't know was it writer's mistake, but are there really free advanced games? I don't think so but please answer.
And last one:
Any ideas how to steal NPC's baby animals? I tried to steal one as a condor but I died. T^T

And if any of you can, please add me as a friend since I barely ever had luck to meet real players in game.
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Re: Few questions

Post by Alexander »

1. I have yet to hear anything about additions to herd animals in basic game. I'm not sure if it will ever happen, sorry.
2. Can you provide me with a link that says they offer it for free? I have not heard of it so I'm afraid I have no information to give.
3. Stealing NPC baby animals! This is something I can truly answer. Here is what you do; you have to be patient and watch what the parents are doing. Mostly watch for the father. As soon as he is out of the cave, hop on in. The mother is probably still in there, right? Well, I'm gonna tell you what to do now, and this does work with both parents being in there but sometimes the males are faster so that's why I prefer him out of the situation completely. Wait there and count maybe 2-3 seconds and move to a spot where your target is. The mother should be in the area you were in without time to attack while you moved. You will have time to try to grab the baby maybe 2-3 times before you will have to move again before she is in your square and tries to hit you again. Basically do that until you catch your target and fly out of there. As soon as the father is back I would definitely make a run for it. He is usually more dangerous.
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Re: Few questions

Post by chad45677 »

Trust me, being a herd animal isn't that awesome. I've had advanced game for a month, and the really long waits to grow up and stuff suck lol. :) Protection is nice though, but I liked the wolf the most. :mrgreen: Now, as for the free advanced game, they're most likely scammers, but even if they weren't you shouldn't because it's stealing money from WEO, and he needs it to keep the website up and running and to add new animals and updates.

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