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Post by Crescent »

Is this game no longer making updates? Because they haven't made a news update for a while.

Also, pweese make bats as the next animal. They are very unique and awesome! :D

Any ways, so what will the next animal be? What other news is there?
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Re: Dead/Suggestion

Post by chad45677 »

Ikr, they haven't made any updates, and I'm worried they might cancel the game. And I would LOVE Bats to be the next animal :D
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Re: Dead/Suggestion

Post by Crimson »

I'm really hoping WEO doesn't shut down. I've had a lot of fun here.
Bats would be a pain to code due to the completely different gameplay. Something more reasonable would be better, for now.
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Re: Dead/Suggestion

Post by Foxesrule »

I know that the team is very small and they probably don't have much funding, so I'm not even sure if we will get an update anytime soon. D=
If it became a possibility they might shut the game down, I think I'd try and donate as much money as possible.

I hope that if the new animal can't be a bat, it'll either be a Mustang or a rat. ^-^ Rats could be in hordes aswell.
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Re: Dead/Suggestion

Post by Kenya »

There is something being worked on (that I know of), however it may not be coming out anytime soon (I know little about it, so it's really up to WEO with when he has time to work on it, etc.). I can double check with WEO about if he has any plans for the game that may be coming out relatively soon, such as new animals or something. I do agree it's been quite a while since new animals or updates have been given.
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