lil' condor story

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lil' condor story

Postby redwing » Fri Oct 11, 2013 7:07 pm

Name of condor I play: EnternalWing
Gender: Female
Times i'm on: 6-12AM to 5-11PM on saturday
6-12AM to 2-9/10PM Sunday
6-7:45AM to 5-9PM Weekdays
Will you be in the story?: Yes. But only WHEN i'm updating.. xD


EnternalWing yawned. Her mother, SummerBreeze, who she called Mom, was resting, along with her sister, SoftWing. Her brother, Tristan, too. She got out of her little corner, and peeked outside. Right away, a large, black beast swooped into the nest.
"Hi Daddy!" she called, before landing onto her bumbum. (Omg I LOVED that word when I got to right six letter words.) As soon as she had called, the two other chicks woke up, and Immediently EnternalWing was pushed back. Though EnternalWing was the smallest, she was the strongest, so she pushed froward, and did not even get a single piece of juicy meat. "Weakling!" teased SoftWing "You will regret that!". In a minute, she had pushed her siblings outside. Both stayed, fluffed up, next to each other, and her parents did not pay attention to the poor souls. EnternalWing always pushed them out..

It was a few weeks later, and her mother ran out of the cave in shock. When EnternalWing came out and looked, There was a small bird on her side. The feathers worn down, and EnternalWing immediantly tugged in her brother, He looked like he was going to die, too..

A few weeks later, and both chicks looked fine, at least.. Tristan did. EnternalWing let him eat 4 of every 5 meals her dad brung, so that he would respect her. Then, suddenly, she grabbed her older brother just as a hawk came by and clawed at her. It missed, but it scared her enough that they both tumbled down. She let go of her brother, and they both looked for a carcass.. Untill a wolf came where Tristan was, and killed him..
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