winter tips for birds

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winter tips for birds

Postby MadLab » Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:58 pm

i have tips but not much

1-eat dirt/mud/gravel :!:
even if you not last for more than a few seconds with a baby bluebird in the middle of the winter at least starvation is not getting you any soon
2-holding certain items raises heat and comfort
tired of sitting in a bunch of frozen dirt in the dark burrow of a sad tree?pick a few squares of straw and don't die a cold freezing death like everyone else!
3-don't ever sing or try to find other real players
i know it sounds lonely,but your song might turn into screams if these other people aren't what you are expecthing.Dont risk out kids!just don't!
4-store in holes on the ground
i know some snakes...but they are hibernathing! enjoy it while you're alive
5-calcule the routes
dont start breaking the mouse before knowing where we are going
6-look the area when outside
i know it can get very boring watching around but you might find something usefull that is not deer feces
8-avoid the outside word
the snowstorms and ravagings winds are no home for a birb
9-the desert is your best friend
it might have some rotting never knows
well its spring
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Re: winter tips for birds

Postby Pretzel » Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:13 am

Why is there a giant bone in there? Only small animals can fit inside holes, right? :?
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